25 Oct 2018

Election 2018:

ANC Candidate Statements: Ruth Ann Hudson, ANC 6A05

Photo courtesy of Ruth Ann Hudson

The Hill is Home is sharing the statements of ANC candidates in our general region. Although the main focus of our blog is Capitol Hill –served by ANCs 6A through 6C– we feel that a community is made stronger by the neighbors with whom we share a close geographical area. We are honored to share candidate statements from neighbors from Ivy City to Navy Yard, with minor style edits. To all of you who are running: Thank you. –Maria Helena Carey and Kate McFadden

My name is Ruth Ann Hudson and I’m running for ANC Commissioner for 6A05, the area from 10th to 15th Streets NE and C Street NE to E Street NE. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for the past decade, and I love what it has become. We send our daughter to public school here, we’ve made lifelong friends here, and we’ve benefited from all our community has to offer. I’m inspired by the parents and neighbors who are working tirelessly to improve this neighborhood, and I’m committed to doing my part.

Over the past year I’ve served on the Economic Development and Zoning (EDZ) committee for our ANC. This committee advises on new development and construction projects in our community. Through this experience, I’ve had a chance to talk to our neighbors, hear what they like about the community and want to protect, as well as what they would like to change.

In my day job, I work for a consulting company that implements technology solutions for a wide range non-profit and private companies. How will this help me be a great ANC Commissioner? I am successful at my day job because I take the time to truly understand different needs, and I provide solutions that will deliver results. My success is measured by the effectiveness of the solutions I provide. These same skills are essential for success as an ANC Commissioner – the decisions we face as a community require a clear focus on outcomes, while bringing together diverse perspectives.

While living on the Hill and talking to friends and neighbors, I hear over and over how much people love this community, and want to build a life here. I’m running for ANC because I also love this community and want to build a life here, and I am committed to helping others do the same.

In order to help residents of our community, I will:

· Encourage smart growth and development which means making sure that there are affordable housing solutions, that current homeowners can modify their homes as needs change, and that businesses add value to the neighborhood and preserve the quality of life.
· Make sure that the public schools are responsive to the needs of parents and are providing a safe environment and quality education for our children.
· Advocate on behalf of residents who want more from the ANC, city services, or other elected officials.
· Protect our residents by improving the safety of our streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes.
· Be accessible, honest, and responsive to community members
· Treat all opinions and concerns with respect

My family and I are choosing to make our home in this neighborhood. We’ve seen all of the good that our community has to offer, and I want to make sure that all residents can do the same.

If you have any questions about me or where I stand on specific issues, please email me at ruth.ann.hudson@gmail.com.

And regardless of your specific candidate selections, PLEASE VOTE on November 6th.

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