17 Sep 2018


ANC Update: Kelly Waud, ANC6B07

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We periodically share updates from your local single-member district ANCs. While you may not reside in the immediate geographical area represented by a particular ANC, there are always items of interest. We appreciate the hard work that our volunteer commissioners do. Are you an ANC who shares routine updates? Email us at info@thehillishome.com. –Maria Helena Carey and Kate McFadden

Hi Neighbors,

I want to issue a special thanks (again) to those neighbors that stepped in to help the evening of the Hopkins Fire – you all amaze me with your resourcefulness and generosity! For those that weren’t there, neighbors at 14th and K set up tables and had veggies and dip, water, fruit, etc for the kids, families and first responders. Thank you – this was an example for me on how to respond to an emergency. For those interested, Ms Abena is recovering and is waiting to be placed in her new home; the other displaced families returned last week.


Ms Abena and the 11th Street Bridge Park are still working their neighborhood magic – please see the attached flyer about upcoming wellness programming at Hopkins on Tuesdays and Saturdays this month. These events are free, open to all, and start this Tuesday September 18! (I’m particularly looking forward to the yoga October 9.)

DDOT TRAFFIC CALMING meeting will take place Wednesday September 26 at the SE Library 6:30-8:30pm. I understand there will be a presentation on traffic calming approaches and discussion of the 15th/Kentucky/Potomac intersection, but I this is also an opportunity to talk about the traffic concerns that we have as a community, like the intersection of 12th and G, but also the commuter traffic coming through K St. Please come out in force to represent your concerns.

FYI: I am meeting with DDOT on Monday about the traffic signals at 11th and 695, and am pushing for quick safety fixes at 14th/ Potomac/ Pennsylvania to include hawk lights and better signage for pedestrians.

Kind regards,

Kelly Waud, ANC 6B07, 6b07@anc.dc.gov

If you want to know what PSA you live in, go to http://geospatial.dcgis.dc.gov/PSAFinder/.  If you want contact info for MPD 1D officers, go to https://mpdc.dc.gov/node/200982.

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