30 Aug 2018


Violent Assault on 4th and E SE

Police Line / Police Tape, Tony Webster Flickr

Police Line / Police Tape by Tony Webster via Flickr

Capitol Hill Corner has a terrifying report of a woman who was brutally beaten exactly  one week ago, Thursday, August 23, before 6 a.m. in the 500 block of 4th Street SE, western side. Larry Janezich’s post states that the assault happened “within sight of” the 1st District substation at 500 E Street SE.

Although Lexi, the victim, had her head reportedly slammed against the concrete and the floor, and she sustained a broken nose and jaw, as well as a concussion, the perpetrator did not take any of her belongings. This seems to indicate that the assailant was not after her belongings but was just seeking to assault someone. We sincerely hope Lexi recovers from her injuries, both physical and emotional, soon.

The fact that there were no eyewitnesses and no clear description of her assailant made her assault not be included in the Metropolitan Police’s daily roundup. Likewise, it was not included in the MPD crime map. The reason First District Commander Morgan Kane gave was that “that only crimes that meet the national criteria for the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report Program are posted on these two venues,” according to the article. As with other instances of public notification that seem to come only in hindsight (think boil-water advisory), an alert should have been issued to the community to keep a lookout for the perpetrator of the assault.

You can read Janezich’s whole post by clicking here. One of the most frustrating parts of the victim’s account is how, even though she was aware of her surroundings and was not connected to headphones, someone was still quiet and vicious enough to approach her without so much as a sound. It always bears repeating: Please be careful and watch out for your neighbors. If you have any information regarding this case, call the First District Detective’s Office at 202-299-2025. You can also reach the command center at 202-727-9099.


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