11 Feb 2019

Crime Alert: Wheel Thieves

Neighbor and THIH reader David Strich recently wrote in to tell us about a rash of criminal activity around his area. Apparently, late last week there were several vehicle wheel thefts around the area near Garfield Park. David tells us that there were “two on the 300 block of South Carolina Avenue SE on Friday […]

30 Aug 2018


Violent Assault on 4th and E SE

Capitol Hill Corner has a terrifying report of a woman who was brutally beaten exactly  one week ago, Thursday, August 23, before 6 a.m. in the 500 block of 4th Street SE, western side. Larry Janezich’s post states that the assault happened “within sight of” the 1st District substation at 500 E Street SE. Although […]

29 Jul 2015


Summertime Crime, Nighttime Action

Lately, it feels inescapable, more so than other years: everywhere you turn, there is a friend or acquaintance whose car windows were bashed in or who had a package stolen. Someone you know was mugged. Someone you know was stabbed randomly. Is crime really that much worse this summer than all others? Well, yes, and no. According […]

29 May 2013

Weekly Crime Report 5/20-5/27

As part of our commitment to raise awareness about crime in our neighborhood, we are sharing the daily crime reports from MPD and posting them to a map. The following crimes were reported to have taken place around the broader Capitol Hill neighborhood (all of the 1st District and PSA 507 in the 5th District, which covers […]

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