17 Aug 2018

Volunteering & Giving:

Local Girls Deliver 7000+ Pairs of Underwear to Children’s

Mercy, Sofia, Mirabel, Isabel, Rebekah, Esra, and Dr. Bear at yesterday’s ceremony. The girls donated over 7000 pairs of underpants to the hospital. Photo courtesy of Children’s National Hospital

Back in July, I told you about three Capitol Hill girls who made it their mission to collect 5,000 pairs of underwear to donate to Children’s National Hospital. When we first published the story, the girls had a decent amount of donations– around 1,400 pair– but thanks to the generosity of neighbors and friends, Mirabel, Sofia and Isabel were able to deliver SEVEN THOUSAND PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR to Children’s National. The hospital held a special event yesterday, Thursday, August 16, to honor the young philanthropists. Along with friends Rebekah, Esra and Mercy, Mirabel, Sofia and Isabel delivered the following items to Children’s:

Girls’ total: 3,777
Women’s total: 629
Boys’ total: 2,460
Men’s total: 344

Why underwear, and why all sizes? According to Jessica Frost, who works in media relations for Children’s, many older children and teenagers feel more comfortable with larger underwear sizes. Patients who end up staying at the hospital for a longer time than they planned may need underwear– something necessary but that people may not think of picking up or packing. In addition, patients with digestive issues may end up needing more changes of underclothes than they may have anticipated.

When patients come to Children’s, they have urgent needs and continue to have them during their stay. Many generous donors think of offering toys or other eye-catching items. Unfortunately, the most-needed items are the least glamorous– hence the need for underwear. If you would like to donate items to Children’s National, consider donating your talents, your time, your birthday, or simply donating blood. Every bit helps.

Congratulations and BRAVO to these inspiring girls, for going above and beyond for those who need it most.


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