24 Aug 2018

Capitol Hill:

Craving Community? The D.C. Story Circle Project is Here to Help

Photo illustration via DC Story Circle Project.

Hey! It’s been kind of a crazy summer for some of us (I mean me), and this crisp cool in the air is making things much better. You know what also makes everything better? Human connection! This is the concept at the heart of a new project called the D.C. Story Circle Project.

If you’ve never heard of story circles, the concept is simple: Get people together and listen to (and record) their personal stories. Share the stories, because listening to others’ stories builds community, empathy and social capital. In story circles, every group is on the small side –around 10-15 people– and is moderated by a facilitator, who also shares a story of his or her own.

In this particular case, the facilitator and founder of the project is Ashley Quarcoo. Ashley studied story circles in college and her day job has some elements that use the power of personal storytelling. She wants to bring this kind of community building to DC, ward by ward. Ashley sums it up well: “In these times of polarization and disillusionment with our fellow citizens, I launched this project to help us forge stronger connections and help us know our neighbors better.”

This is where we all come in:

Would you like to be part of the D.C. Story Circle Project? Fill out this survey signaling your interest and providing feedback on the types of topics you’d like to see discussed. Make sure you also follow the D.C. Story Circle Project on Twitter and on Facebook, so you can be updated regularly about this cool idea.

Finally, pencil in September 25 at the Northeast Library, 330 7th Street NE, for a first meeting in Ward 6. This is a tentative date, but keep it open if you’re interested!


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