06 Jun 2018


Revamp Alert: Get Ready to Welcome IDLE HANDS

IDLE HANDS artwork, courtesy of Idle Hands Bar

Back at the end of April, we said forever goodbye to Church & State, one of Erik Holzherr’s quirky/clever-themed bars. The tucked-away, semi-secret, church-decorated bar had been around since 2011 and had some of the best martinis I’ve ever had. If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, read this write-up of the opening from, *sniiffff,* We Love DC.

However, it’s no longer time to be sad and wistful: IDLE HANDS is opening this Thursday, June 14! We look forward to seeing what new mischief Erik has concocted. Just let this image from the invite linger in your psyche: “Located above Atlas Arcade, IH is like the older brother that always shows up in that sweet, tricked-out Camaro trying to impress that rocker girl with the big hair.”

To RSVP for the grand opening, click here.

If you go:

WHAT: Grand (re) Opening of IDLE HANDS

WHERE: In the former Church & State space, 1236 H Street NE, Upstairs

WHEN: Starting Thursday, June 14. More details soon!

WHY: Because Erik’s bars have been gritty and exciting since at least 2008. We look forward to seeing what’s next!


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