08 May 2018


Hill Buzz

Collage by @Sroshelle (also, our Tuesday afternoon feels), via #thehillishome on Instagram

Happy Tuesday, Capitol Hill! Have you gotten to metabolize some vitamin D this fine day? Why not take a lunchtime walk and catch up on some news?

Have you read the latest piece making the false assumption that all of DC is the specific part of Washington D.C. that the rest of the country elected for purposes of our representative democracy? Highly recommend you allot time for nap, contemplation and facepalming after this one. Washington Post Magazine

Barrel revives the PoliTiki bar in their basement, starting this Thursday, May 11. Suffering Bannons! They were ahead of their time! Washington City Paper

Amalgamated Transit Union has many concerns about the Circulator –chiefly about poor operations under private management– and they have created a website where they ask for community support and signatures. The petition is called DDOT Can Do Better. (Petition is new, link is to WTOP from November, 2017)

A 48-year old man was stabbed inside the Arthur Capper Senior Public Housing building in the early hours of Monday, 4/30. His assailant was 26. Not asked in the article but asked by me: What were a 48-year old and a 26-year old doing at a senior housing facility at 2 a.m.? Washington Post 

Some Navy officers are in very hot water (pardon the pun) and I tend to forget that the Navy Yard has some very real JAG drama going on. Navy Times

Former THIH editor Claudia Rauch emblazoned her love for the DC flag on her roof and shared her story on WAMU. We’re thinking she’s got this year’s DC Flag Contest in the bag, right?

Take a well-deserved AWWW break with Navy the Corgi. On Tap



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