15 May 2018

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Recently, Kate and I started thinking about the broad variety of people we see around the Hill. It was by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it a list that belongs exclusively to the neighborhood. When we handed out bingo cards at the Day of the Dog celebration, a DC resident from Takoma said she’s definitely seen nanny posses –roving groups of nannies who look out for their charges and for one another– in her area. Another resident from the Logan Circle area has seen the walking avocado toast in her neck of the woods– a common sight downtown as well.

But as with all good things, it’s seeing a large amount of these things together that makes our neighborhood the quirky amalgam that it is. Old and new residents of all social extractions shop at our beloved Frager’s, which has had several new leases on life and has reincarnated practically everywhere between 11th and 13th Streets SE– and those purchases have to get home somehow. For that matter, everyone has to grocery shop and many people still carry their groceries home on foot. Residents who’ve been around for a while know where the Children’s Museum on H resided. Many of us remember the Argonaut and the easy way in which it brought the community together ten or so years ago.

We’ve all spotted a politician who would be unrecognizable to most, except that we breathe the fog from #ThisTown on a regular basis and therefore, look! The Junior Senator from Someplace just picked up their dry cleaning ahead of me.

In this spirit, let’s play a round of #CapitolHillBingo, shall we? Here’s how to play:

  1. Read through each of the possibilities. Chuckle, share with friends.
  2. If you see one of these characters or have one of these situations happen to you, approach the person or persons and ask to take a photo. Who knows? You might make a friend!
  3. Hashtag the photo with #CapitolHillBingo if you’re sharing on social media.
  4. When you’ve completed a row, a column, or a diagonal, send us an email at info@thehillishome.com, sharing your grid of photos.
  5. You can also tweet us @thehillishome or comment via our Facebook page, sharing what you saw or telling us what resonated with you.
  6. Have fun, get to know your neighbors and share any good stories you come across! Thank you for playing!

The WINNER is whoever emails us a completed bingo first. This person will get a gift basket of goodies from our local businesses as well as some THIH swag. What are you waiting for? Get playing!

P.S. Want a printable copy of our bingo card? Here you go.



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