27 Apr 2018

Living on the Hill:

April 28 is the DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

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Tomorrow, April 28, is the day that you can safely dispose of all those prescription medications you’ve been storing under the sink or in your medicine cabinet (or empty shoebox, or carriage house, or safe deposit box?… I don’t know where else you’d keep them). Why a special day to dispose of medications? Several reasons:

  • Some prescriptions can contaminate water (even more) and endanger marine, riparian and estuarine species
  • Improperly disposing prescriptions can end up in the wrong hands and foment illicit drug trade
  • It can also cause accidental ingestion and possible overdose. (we don’t like thinking our pets riffle through garbage. Narrator: “They do.”)

Now that you know why you shouldn’t be tossing that old Sudafed in the garbage or the toilet, you can go to this website and enter your zip code so you know where you can take your old prescription drugs tomorrow. The fifth district substation at 1805 Bladensburg Road NE is the closest place to Capitol Hill and environs. You can also check out this guide from DC Water to help you along.

If you can’t make it out tomorrow but still want to get rid of your prescription medications, go to your local pharmacy and ask for a disposal kit. You can also visit the closest permanent location at the Department of Health, 899 North Capitol Street NE.


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