12 Mar 2018

The Set List:

Interviews: Moose Blood, Lydia, and new music!

The 9:30 Club presents a night of punk-driven, guitar-strumming, and lyric-loving bands this coming Sunday, March 18th. The Set List caught up with the headlining band and one supporting act for exclusive interviews.

Moose Blood. Photo by Hollie Fernando.

For listeners new and old, the phrase “life experiences put to music” fits the sound of Canterbury-based Moose Blood. This phrase is courtesy of the band’s guitarist, Mark Osborne, with whom I had the opportunity to chat over email about the band’s early days and upcoming album.

The band’s roots have been firmly planted in Kent, England, since their formation in 2012. The thriving local scene, filled with plenty of venues and promoters, really helped to create the area’s music community and foster Moose Blood’s early days. Now, the band is touring around the world playing to packed venues night after night. I first saw Moose Blood perform on a tiny stage at Warped Tour back in 2015 and now they are headlining the legendary 9:30 Club.

From their 2014 debut album, I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time, it was clear that the band was definitely going places faster than they could have imagined. This sleeper-success album blew up in the pop-punk scene and anticipation built for the bright future of the band. Moose Blood’s music is filled with smooth vocals, emo melodies, catchy punk-infused guitar riffs and honest lyrics that will pull at your heartstrings and take you back to teenage love. Their sound has expanded their fan base across the world.

Moose Blood’s upcoming album, I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore, came out March 9 on Hopeless Records. The singles have received rave reviews from fans and critics everywhere and have really built up the anticipation for the full release. Their debut album and their sophomore release Blush had fairly different sounds. However, according to Osborne, the moodiness of I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore leans more towards the sound of their first record. The life experiences of Osborne and singer Eddy Brewerton –breakups, deaths, and appreciation for family– shine through in Moose Blood’s new music.


The trio of Arizona-based indie rockers known as Lydia is ready to get back on the road after taking some time off to write and record their new album. I had the chance to chat with lead singer Leighton Antelman over the phone to get all of the previously unreleased details about their upcoming release!

The singer revealed that Lydia’s anticipated new album, out this summer on Weekday Records, will be entitled Liquor. With a sound similar to that of Run Wild, fans can expect the same beautiful, layered harmonies and captivating instrumentals that they have grown to love. While listening through Liquor, the unreleased songs give off an ethereal vibe. The interesting mix of indie rock tinged with electronica, along with Antelman’s vocals, immediately caught my attention and only increased my anticipation for the upcoming album.

Lydia. Photo by Cory Davis.

As with the band’s previous records, Antelman says the writing process of Liquor included members writing music on their own and then bringing each piece together to create songs in a final bout of collaboration.

Lydia will be releasing multiple singles and accompanying videos while on tour this spring and will embark on some headlining shows later in the year in support of the new album.

With brand new music on the horizon and the band’s “if you’re not going to go for it, why tour?” attitude, you can be sure that their set will be well worth your while.

This will be a show filled with incredible talent. Don’t miss Moose Blood and Lydia, as well as McCafferty. Get your tickets here.

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