21 Mar 2018

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Interview: Dead Meadow returns to their DC roots!

Dead Meadow, comprised of vocalist and guitarist James Simon, bassist Steve Kille, and drummer Juan Londono, unleashed their brand of psychedelic rock in the District upon their formation back in 1998. After multiple studio and live albums, worldwide tours, and just a few lineup changes, the band is back with their newest album, The Nothing They Need, out earlier this month on Xemu Records.

Dead Meadow. Photo by Jessica Senteno.

The Set List had the chance to chat with James Simon over email ahead of their hometown show this month about growing up in DC and their new album.

Local music like Fugazi and Nation of Ulysses infiltrated the lives of the entire band as they grew up in the District. Simon specifically mentions his favorite DC venue: the Black Cat. The very first Dead Meadow show back in 1998 was played at the old Black Cat location, so the band has truly come of age in that venue. Simon adds that it was the DIY attitude of the entire scene that influenced the band the most from the start. When asked about what Dead Meadow takes influence from now, Simon speaks words of wisdom like a true musician. He explains that influence comes from the things they love, but also the current state of the world.

“I think this attitude of charting your own course through the music industry and staying true to your own creative vision has really been the most inspiring aspect for us.”

Dead Meadow’s newest album, The Nothing They Need, is a strong and cohesive record with a bluesy, rhythmic feel interlaced with hard-hitting and refined lyrics. The so-called “gently crushing, amplified peace,” as Simon called Dead Meadow’s new music, captures his love of “creating and sharing ideas and emotion in the most direct way.” The entire album was written, recorded, and produced by the band. To celebrate twenty years of Dead Meadow, everyone musically involved with the band over the years is featured on the record including all three drummers (Mark Laughlin, Stephen McCarty, and Juan Londono) as well as Cory Shane, guitarist on the band’s album Feathers.

Don’t miss the hometown boys of Dead Meadow on March 23 at the Black Cat. Get your tickets here!



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