14 Feb 2018


Valentine’s Day Ideas


Whether you have a sweetie or not, Valentine’s Day should be about falling in love. Here are a few suggestions on how to tap that magical feeling!

❤ Take your sweetie for a walk down Barracks Row Main Street and tweet at the crazy geniuses from Taoti Labs using the hashtag #SetTheMood. Nothing says romance like BUBBLES! But really, it’s pretty sweet.

❤ Take a photo on Instagram and use hashtag #SoutheastLove. This was a campaign started by Nikki Peele of Congress Heights on the Rise several years ago and it’s still going strong. I love the idea of sharing love across ALL of Southeast, river or no river. For full instructions and info, click here.

❤ For a $tellar Valentine’s Day, Washingtonian’s got your back. #ChampagneBucketList. Washingtonian

❤ However, we all know that many of the finest restaurants are booked up. Fret not: Brightest Young Things has a list of restaurants that don’t need reservations! Most are spread around town, but they give nods to the Queen Vic, Hank’s Oyster Bar and …Bojangles? Okay. Everyone knows the most romantic place on earth is the Shake Shack inside Union Station.

❤ You have until 2:30 this afternoon to tell Capitol Hill BID why you love the Hill. They’ll be at Eastern Market Metro sharing buttons and smiles.

❤ Don’t forget to walk by the Valentine’s Day displays at your local supermarket and pick up something. The Giant display at 3rd and H has great affordable bouquets that you can pair with nuts (as in, I’m nuts about you). Trader Joe’s has daffodils (flower meaning: new beginning). Whole Foods’s display is predictably over the top and smells like a greenhouse, so heads-up to people with flower allergies. Safeway’s displays have been solid in year’s past, but maybe this year’s everything-must-go mode killed the balloons and the teddy bears.

❤Apparently the DC metro area comes in 6th as best areas to date. Who knew? The scoop, via ApartmentList.

❤ You can follow @UnitedWeDream on Twitter and see immigrant youths delivering Valentines to Republican senators.


P.S.: We love you!




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