30 Aug 2017

Eastern Market:

Once More, With Feeling: Should 7th Street Remain Closed?

In case you missed it, there was a special ANC 6B meeting on whether to keep 7th Street SE between North Carolina Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue closed to motor vehicle traffic during weekend market hours. (This has been an issue we’ve covered here and here.)

One of our readers, Bryan Rodda, live tweeted the session and we are sharing a few key tweets below. You can find the rest of the tweets by starting here. You can continue here,  here and here.

Overall, and judging from the reactions from Twitter commenters, the Hine project is still a sore point with many in the community, and the item of keeping 7th Street SE closed is just one more component of the mixed feelings. Some neighbors feel like the area was cheated out of open spaces; others want the higher population density that the complex offers. Some feel there is not enough parking; others focus on the underground parking coming with the new development. Some people really hate entertainment on the street on weekends. (Who knew?)

We have asked you this before but in light of this meeting, we want to hear more from you: Should 7th Street SE remain closed as the Hine Project construction nears the end? Here’s a poll for you:

You can also share with us in the comments below or talk to us on Facebook and Twitter. We always love hearing from our neighbors.

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2 responses to “Once More, With Feeling: Should 7th Street Remain Closed?”

  1. HC says:

    It’s kind of insulting when the business owners make comments like “we need parking because people won’t haul groceries 4 blocks to their car”. Uh… some of us have been doing that for literally years (back home, not to car). It is true that there is a lot more competition for my dollars these days, and I’m tempted to take my business elsewhere since the vendors at EM don’t seem to want it since I have no car. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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