12 Apr 2017


March Crime Statistics, PSA Meeting Reminders

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Our ANC commissioners share timely information that may be of interest to all Capitol Hill and Ward 6 residents, even if it pertains to a smaller geographical area. Read on for some interesting statistics shared by Kirsten Oldenburg, ANC 6B04. Good news: Crime in the heart of Capitol Hill seems to be down (sort of)! –MHC

In March 2017, my SE Capitol Hill VC (that’s Violent Crime) chart went down to the second lowest mark (5) in the two years I have been keeping track. Back in February 2015, CH VC = 3. In addition to being only 5 in March, it consists only of robberies. That means no homicide, sex abuse, or assaults with a dangerous weapon (ADW) crimes were reported in SE Capitol Hill. All the numbers & annual graphs since January 2015 are on the CH VCs tab on the attached file. (Click here to see March 2017 Crime Statistics– Kirsten Oldenburg)

You will also discover on that file that in PSA 106 and PSA 107, there were no ADWs reported in March. That’s something I haven’t seen in a long time. PSA 106 had 1 robbery and 107, 3 robberies. None of them involved guns. But, in PSA 106 total crime reports rose from 30 in February to 34 in March; mainly due to an increase in thefts. The bulk of the thefts were clustered in the west side of the PSA, south of the freeway (i.e., in the Capitol Riverfront area).

In PSA 107, there was a decline from 72 in February to 62 total crime reports in March. It look’s like the cause was fewer thefts and thefts from auto. While the thefts from auto crimes were dispersed throughout the PSA, thefts were clustered in areas south of Independence Avenue. PSA 108 reported 41 total crimes in March, compared with 33 in February. Alas, there was a homicide in the 600 block of 14th Street NE on March 20th in that PSA. Most of the March rise in PSA 108 was due to thefts (8 in February vs. 23 in March).

Burglars were not very active in March with only 1 such crime reported in PSA 107, 1 in 108 and none in PSA 106. But, as Spring approaches and people start to leave windows open, burglaries will most likely increase.

As always, you can get daily crime and arrest info at the 1D MPD Yahoo! group (must sign up) including occasional reports such as gun recoveries.

PSA meetings are still generally once a month but discussions are being held on other options. Once such idea would be to combine all Sector 2 PSA (104, 107, 108) meetings into one but rotate the location each month. As far as I know, however, there will be a PSA 106 meeting on Wednesday, April 19 (Community Center, 5th and L Streets SE) and a PSA 108 meeting on Thursday, April 20 (Liberty Baptist Church, 527 Kentucky Ave SE). PSA 107 doesn’t meet until Thursday, May 4 (SE Library, 403 7th SE).

ANC 6B04

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