30 Mar 2017

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Your bracket may be blown out there in the real world, but everyone is a winner in our annual #BARMADNESS! The competition is heating up and you have until Saturday evening, April 1, at 11:59 p.m. to vote. Can you guys believe we’ve been trying to figure out Capitol Hill’s favorite imbibing establishment for FIVE years?! Me either. But here we are, poised to start the FOAMY FOUR round! Check out the results from our last round and scroll down to VOTE! (Click to enlarge bracket)

The current standings. WHO WILL WIN?!

Speaking of FIVE YEARS, our first-year winner, The Pug, handily beat –dare we say, CRUSHED– Bluejacket in the last round. Will this beloved dive be able to squash first-year whippersnapper Joselito like a grape?
In the meantime, last year’s winner Union Pub seems poised to defend its title and yet one relentless challenger stands in its way: kid-sister Barrel. Will this battle be Return of the Winner, or will it be Revenge of the Little Sister? Those both sound like Star Wars movies that never got made, but they sound like AWESOME LOCAL RESTAURANT BATTLES.

What are you waiting for? The polls are open!

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