09 Apr 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Hole in the Wall

Alcohol and Congress have gotten along just fine since the earliest days on the Hill, when the preferred meeting places for one and all were the local taverns. For some, heading across the street was apparently too much of a hassle, and thus they wanted more convenient places to tipple. They did not want anyone […]

01 May 2017


Margarita Week is Coming, May 1-5!

Nothing (that’s right: NOTHING) says “May is here!” quite like the smell of tequila, triple-sec, lime juice and salt coming together to make the masterpiece we know by its adorable name, the Margarita. Okay, maybe Justin Timberlake memes do, but you cannot drink those. Help our district usher in that fairest of months with Margarita Week, a weeklong […]

30 Mar 2017

Arts & Entertainment:


Your bracket may be blown out there in the real world, but everyone is a winner in our annual #BARMADNESS! The competition is heating up and you have until Saturday evening, April 1, at 11:59 p.m. to vote. Can you guys believe we’ve been trying to figure out Capitol Hill’s favorite imbibing establishment for FIVE […]

24 Mar 2017



There are exactly two types of people on this good earth: Gin lovers, and those for whom gin is absolute crap awful poison what are you trying to do kill me gag gin haters. This one is for the gin LOVERS, and it’s big. Gin World, a week-long celebration of all things gin, was started in […]

12 Jan 2016


Tonight’s SOTU: Where to watch, street closures, games

Hey there nerds! Tonight is Obama’s final State of the Union Address! You can watch on C-SPAN or through the live feed at the White House’s dedicated site: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sotu, and Gizmodo also has a whole post dedicated to how to watch here. Now for the business: Starting at 7 pm tonight, many streets in the western area of […]

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