22 Mar 2017

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Bar Madness 17: HOLY COW!

Here at The Hill is Home we would like to apologize in advance to Duke basketball fans, because this year’s team is going to serve us well as a simile for shocking upsets. In case making sure Duke loses following the actual March Madness tournament is not your jam, you should know that in a shocking upset, the Blue Devils lost in the second round to South Carolina, 88-81.

Ahem. So who is our Duke in this first round of 64? Still in shock about Capitol Lounge not making the cut, but considering that the House-side watering hole lost to our first-year winner the pug, it was an honorable loss. Still not Duke-league shocking, is the triumph of Biergarten Haus, an H Street staple, over Tunnicliff’s, which is a staple for everyone. Maybe this just indicates that our heart is growing to all points north and south of the neighborhood.

It is noteworthy that the newest bar in the lineup, the H Street Lounge at Whole Foods, had a decent showing against Barracks Row stalwart Matchbox. Welcome once again to our neighborhood and we expect to see you at least in the Foamy Four next year, guys!

(Side note: a big shout-out to new bar Hill Prince, who opened on H Street a few days ago but escaped our notice in the nominations round. Hope to make your acquaintance soon!)

Enough words: Here are your bracket winners! Thank you to all the bars and restaurants who have gotten into the spirit of our annual contest, and best of luck for next year to those who were eliminated. You know we love you all. (Click to enlarge)


Get ready to vote in ROUND TWO, the round of 32, later today!!!!

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