26 Jul 2016


ANC 6B04 Update

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.27.42 AMThe following is an update from ANC6B04 commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg, and while it focuses more on her SMD, all Capitol Hill residents may find something of interest in her report. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares his or her updates with your constituents? Drop us a line at thehillishome@gmail.com and we’ll share your updates.

AUGUST IS ALMOST HERE.  Meetings become rare while outdoor and other activities ramp up.  Here are some nearby places to check out what’s happening:

Community Meeting on a Proposal for an Eastern Market Main Street organization
Tue 26 Jul, 630 to 8pm, Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
If approved by DC, this main street would complement the existing Barracks Row Main Street
More info: www.easternmarketmainstreet.org

Our July 12 meeting only lasted 2-1/2 hours and all but one motion resulted in an 8-0 vote.  The one exception, was a motion to support plans to add two floors to the Shakespeare building at 508 8th Street SE. That vote was 6-1-1 (6 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention).  I was the Commissioner opposed because the 4th floor is highly visible from several directions.  I was willing to vote in favor of one added floor but that wasn’t the motion offered.

Otherwise, we dispensed with 4 historic preservation, 2 zoning, and 1 DDOT public space cases and 1 letter to DDOT (see below) through our consent agenda as all items had been non-controversial at the committee level.  The ANC ended up voting to protest the renewal licenses of both Matchbox and Ted’s Bulletin because it seems there was not time to finish up draft Settlement Agreements.  So this adds two more protest cases to 5 already underway,  Four Planning & Zoning Committee cases were discussed at the meeting.  The public space plan for the Watkins school renovation project was swiftly dealt with. The HP case for 626 E Street SE came back to the ANC for re-review because the design had changed since our June meeting.  Even “Capitol Courts” part 2, the design for the  1229 E Street SE shotgun house did not generate a lot of discussion.  Both of these HP cases had been thoroughly vetted with the community prior to arriving at the ANC for a formal vote.  (Capitol Courts, part 1, is a large apartment building proposed for 1230 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, the current site of the Frager’s Garden Center.  Because this project may get underway by Summer 2017, Frager’s is looking for a site to use for its garden center in 2017 as the new/old Frager’s location will not be available until 2018.)

There was no presentation at the ANC meeting as DPW Director Shorter apparently didn’t get the invitation. Next opportunity: September 13.

Under the leadership of Commissioner Samolyk, residents and DC officials gathered to discuss two so-called parks within 6B: Plastic park between 8th and 9th Streets SE on Pennsylvania Avenue and an area under the SE/SW Freeway adjacent to Garfield Park used mainly by skateboarders.  The issues with the former included the removal by DPR of the kids toys and vagrants now who tend to occupy more of the park.  Solution discussed is to add back officially DPR sanctioned playground equipment and to “program” the space.  But, as we discovered at the meeting, this will take time, perhaps 6 months or more.  Ultimately, this space is part of the grand plans for the Eastern Market Metro Station area but that project is even further off into the future.

For the other unofficial park a followup meeting occurred of a group (including DDOT officials, CSX and MPD officers, 6b Commissioners, and a representative of the Friends of Garfield Park) on 7/22 to discuss options. All of this was prompted by ANC 6B’s decision to send a letter to DDOT asking that stones from the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel’s west portal and stored in this area be protected until they can be used for renovation of the area once the VAT project is completed.  The plan that arose at this second meeting is to bring in freight containers into which the stones can be stored once DDOT issues a permit for storage in public space.  DDOT will also look into improving the lighting under the freeway. (If you want to read the ANC letter, go to http://www.anc6b.org/?page_id=578 and click on the first letter under July 2016. The letter includes photos of the stones.)

I made an error in the previous email.  The brig beer garden (8th and L Street SE) does serve food.  According to the menu I picked up a week or so ago, the brig offers a couple of starters, sandwiches (Reuben, turkey and grilled cheese), and “Brats & Dogs”.  Prices range from $6 to $8.

KIPLING HOUSE aka 900 11th Street SE
Construction for this 49-unit condo building is finally underway.  The developer–Madison Investments–has told me that the work is estimated to be completed within 12 months.  The development went through historic preservation review in 2014.  Details are here

As of July 24th, the structure above ground for the South Building is expected to be completed by September 2016, followed by facade installation through December 2016, “Unit deliveries and retail/office openings are projected for July 2017.”  Meanwhile, brick work is expected “over the next 6-8 weeks” on the North Building.  These details come from the Hine CAC report provided to ANC 6B at its July meeting.  You can find that document in the July Meeting Materials pdf document on the ANC’s home page, www.anc6b.org.  Also, if you are curious about how all the buildings will look once completed, there are elevation drawings in the project’s PUD documents.  Go to http://www.hineschool.com/community-calendar/ and click on PUD on the top row. Once you have downloaded the document, go to Project Plans and Drawings

The intersection at 7th and Virginia Avenue SE is scheduled to reopen on July 29.  Then, about August 1, the intersection at 5th/6th Street SE will be closed for 3-4 weeks.  The roof of the new tunnel, currently under construction in Phase 1 of the overall project, is being installed along various segments.  Once the roof is completed, CSX can lay the rails inside the tunnel.  Once this tunnel is finished, CSX freight trains will use the new tunnel while the old tunnel is demolished and rebuilt.  So far, the whole project is on schedule.  The exhibits from the 7/21 Open House are now available on the website. The next meeting with CSX opportunity is the Coffee with Chuck on August 17.

For those who have been around for a while, you may recall that the community started meeting on and discussing proposals in 2009 for a new Bachelor Enlisted Quarter (BEQ) to be built near the Historic Marine Barracks Washington.  We’ve been through umpteen plans since then but plans finally solidified with the issuance of a draft EIS in 2015.  Since then, the ANC has been involved along with others in numerous meetings over a Section 106 Programmatic Agreement.  This PA has to be completed and signed by all parties before the EIS Record of Decision can be issued.  According to info I received on 7/20, DOD expects to release the Final EIS in October 2016 and publish the ROD by December 2016 in the Federal Register.  Note: the “preferred alternative” location for the BEQ is still on the location of the current Barracks annex at 7th and L Streets SE. (See http://www.mbweis.com/)

The ANC has received Notices of Intent from DDOT that they agency is proposing to install bike lanes along New Jersey Avenue between E and I Streets SE, along E Street SE between NJ Ave and 6th Street SE, and along South Carolina Ave between 6th and 7th Streets SE.  In addition, a bike lane is planned for 14th Street SE between E Street SE and Potomac Ave SE.  These segments transverse the single member districts of Commissioners Samolyk (6b01), Loots (03), and Burger (06).  All 3 are working with DDOT on the final details.  So if you have any questions, ask them.  The New Jersey bike lane was discussed at the 6B Transportation Committee meeting on July 6.  That report is here


  • The Office of Tax and Revenue has developed a new tax portal–MyTaxDC–that will begin to replace the existing eTSC in late October, 2016.  OTR says the new portal will offer all the benefits of the existing system, while adding a host of new functionalities. For more info: http://www.mytaxdc.wordpress.com.
  • The Office of the DC Auditor has established a blog http://www.dcauditor.org/blog
  • Metro wants the public to review its new, entirely redesigned, website (beta version).  The 7/20 press release on this new website is here.
  • “Chat and Chew” with the new leadership team at the Cesar Chavez Capitol Hill high school.  Two opportunities: Fri 5 Aug (10am to 11am) and Thu 11 Aug (5pm to 6pm).  RSVP via (202) 547-3424.  The school is located at 709 12th Street SE.
  • The Department of Parks and Recreation has announced a new fee schedule.
  • Because of the heat wave, DPW will be collecting trash/recycling as early as 6amJuly 25 to 29.

I am running again!  That is, I am running for re-election as 6B04 Commissioner.  This process always begins with the collection of at least 25 signatures (of residents of 6B04 who are registered to vote) in order to get my name on the November 8, General Election, ballot. So, despite the heat wave, you may encounter me wandering around this weekend seeking qualified residents.

ANC 6B04

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