24 May 2016


Labyrinth to Expand

picGreat news for board game aficionados on the Hill and beyond: Labyrinth Games & Puzzles, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, also known as everyone’s favorite game store, is expanding. Even better, they will be taking over the space of the check-cashing place next door. This will almost double the space they have, and will mean that they will have two areas to play games, allowing for bigger tournaments as well as having multiple events running simultaneously. So if you’ve previously been unable to book your birthday bash there, or want a space to play a game that does not command the same popularity as, say, Magic, you should be in luck in the future.

This also means that there will be plenty of space for new products, so if you know of a game that they should be carrying, now is the time to give them your input. On their Facebook page they also ask for any “ideas and/or suggestions” so get cracking. Before you pipe up, however, be aware that they will not have either a bar or a dog. So don’t ask for either of those.

It’s an enormous step forward for Kathleen Donahue and her crew, and will make a great store even greater.

Build-out should start August 1, and the completion date is scheduled for October.

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