05 Apr 2016


Home Delivery For All Your Pet Shopping Needs on the Hill

377746356After recently asking for customers’ feedback on how they can continue to serve their neighborhood as a national chain moves in on H Street, Metro Mutts has moved up its home delivery service to…now! Ready to put in your order? Click here!

They are not your only delivery option on the Hill. Howl to the Chief also offers home delivery. Just click here to place your order.

Between these two fabulous local businesses, you have no excuse to not shop local! Note that if they don’t carry a product you need, just call them. Both stores are generally happy to place special orders upon request.

If you’re like me and struggle with the logistics of finding parking near enough to the store to get your large bags of dog food back to it, services like these are a huge help. Especially during a busy week, it is so great to have one more item off my list.

So thank you to our local shops and remember to shop local!

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