13 Jan 2016


What to do When Someone is Out in the Cold

Mon Petit Chou

Frosty ornamental cabbage. Photo by María Helena Carey, via Flickr.

Good morning and BRR! Overnight a bone-chilling wind set in and everyone seems cranky and annoyed this morning –except for the winter lovers. You guys can finally tell us all about how much you LOVE the windchill now! Go on, gloat.

We can whine and moan because we have our basic needs covered –shelter, food, warmth, internet. Not everyone is as fortunate. On days like this one, keep an eye out for people who may be preparing to spend another night out in the cold.

What can you do?

The District of Columbia has a hypothermia and hyperthermia emergency site, which you can visit by clicking the link. If you see someone out there in the cold who needs help, you can,

  • Call the DC Shelter Hotline at 1-800-535-7252
  • email uposh@upo.org for more questions
  • You can also dial 311 or call 202-399-7093
  • visit the Department of Human Services website if you need more assistance.






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