05 Mar 2015


Sled-In on Capitol Hill…Only in DC

Photo by The Hill is Home on Instagram

Photo by The Hill is Home on Instagram

Only in DC.

I find myself saying that a lot. Only in DC do you see so many TVs in bars tuned to CNN. Only in DC do you have to plan your commute home around motorcades and protests. Only in DC is there a drinking game to the SOTU a normal thing. And Only in DC do you not have to think twice about what that acronym means.

And Only in DC does the community schedule a “sled-in” to take back #OurHill… and get covered by CNNBuzzFeed, The Week, Fox News, and more! Only in DC do we kids learn about protests before they can spell the words on their protest signs. But 9/11 rules be damned, the sledding will go on, and it did. Capitol police handed out print-outs of the regulation, which was clearly a smart use of tax payer money, but no children were arrested. Local and national press showed up and the kids got to have their fun, as they should on a snow day.

I can’t help but laugh. I grew up here, sledding down that hill in the winters and biking or roller skating around the parking lot the rest of the year. Well-intentioned security rules implemented after 9/11 simply went a bit too far; however, thanks to our lack of representation, we can’t do much about it. Although we can, by showing up the way we did today. So keep showing up, keep speaking out and reminding people that D.C. deserves a voice and vote too. #SledFreeOrDie

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