17 Jul 2013

First Bite, Well, Lick – Cool Treats at the Pretzel Bakery

Frozen goodness.  Photo courtesy The Pretzel Bakery.

Frozen goodness. Photo courtesy The Pretzel Bakery.

It’s hot and humid, air conditioning helps, but sometimes you need to ingest the cool to really feel comfortable.

The Pretzel Bakery – that fine purveyor of salty warm baked treats on 15th Street SE – has wised up to the season and expanded their menu to offer some ways to cool your heals in the dog days of summer.

Iced or completely frozen, the baker is perfecting summertime treats with the introduction of the Philadelphia water ice.

Starting in July, The Pretzel Bakery introduced water ice to the menu.  Yes, we’ve got other places that offer Philly-style water ice, but as those are mostly on H Street, we needed to widen the locations for such offerings.

The Pretzel Bakery’s water ices are offered in lemon, mango and cherry.  The texture is smooth, and the temperature a frigid level of cold that keeps the treat frozen long and the risk of brain freeze even longer.

Mango is delicious – sweet and delicate without an artificial taste.  Lemon is respectfully traditional, and while this author doesn’t care for cherry flavor anything, my five-year-old dining companion enjoyed it quite a bit.

At $2.50 and $3.00 for small and large respectively, the ices are a delicious and affordable option for summertime cooling.

If you’ve frequented the Pretzel Bakery you know about their delicious fair trade coffee.  That hot coffee has been joined for the summer by an iced version that can compete with any chain barista shop in terms of quality and taste.

Not to be complacent, the bakers have added the option of rich, dark chocolate to create an iced mocha that disappears within minutes of ordering.  Sweet, creamy, chocolatey and caffeinated – it hits the spot on summer afternoons.

These offerings compliment the basil lemonade, unique sodas, milk, and of course pretzels one can find Wednesday through Sunday at the Pretzel Bakery.

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One response to “First Bite, Well, Lick – Cool Treats at the Pretzel Bakery”

  1. Mike says:

    Mango is easily the best and beat out any I have had growing up outside Philly.

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