27 Feb 2013

The Inevitable: Union Station Barnes & Noble Closing on Friday

The cheerful little ad that bids you adieu. (MHC)

The cheerful little ad that bids you adieu. (MHC)

In news that will surprise virtually no one, Barnes & Noble, which was planning to close earlier in 2012, has finally pulled the plug on its Union Station location. The store will close its doors on Friday, March 1st. According to a staff member at the Union Station B&N, the store is slated to become an H&M and will open this summer. The staff that is retained by Barnes & Noble will relocate to the store on 12th and E Street, NW.

From B&N to H&M? Do you think this is a retail improvement or not? For that matter, do Capitol Hill neighbors visit Union Station much for shopping?

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  • Well, the poll is worded awkwardly. I don’t “shop” there as a thing to do, but when I take the train, I’d buy books for the trip. I doubt I’m going to be doing that at H & M…

    • But Tim, surely you would stop in for a cute outfit to wear on your trip! 😉

      • It would tear at the very fabric of being for me to be in a cute outfit!

    • Don’t discount the value of looking fashionable on your trip….

    • NicholeRemmert

      Does H&M sell jeggings?

  • C_29

    I like H&M, so maybe I’ll go there for that. But as a SE Capitol Hill resident I find it’s just as easy to go to Metro Center, and the shopping options are a lot better there. I’d probably go to Union Station more often if I lived closer or had a need to take the red line ever.

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