01 Jan 2013

Happy 2013! Hopes for the Coming Year

A Tweet from Michelle Bosch at WTOP, showing all the crazy people jumping into the Chesapeake Bay today. Brr.

A photo Tweet from Michelle Basch at WTOP, showing all the crazy adventurous people jumping into the Chesapeake Bay today. Brr.

Yesterday we told you about our resolutions. Today, we have decided to share some of our hopes for a good start to 2013. Short of some kind and crazy soul deciding that maybe next year we should all plunge into the Anacostia River to start the year off with a middling case of hypothermia and a festive tetanus shot, it’s fun to start things off with a good breakfast, a good cup of coffee (hat tip to Jon for an excellent recommendation) and a few things that would make the best neighborhood in the city even more amazing.

I know, I know: enough with the crazy talk. On with the hopes for an even-better 2013, and less of scantily-clad people jumping into frozen bodies of water.

Kyra: Two words: Trader Joe’s.

Lauren: I tweet @traderjoes whenever they ask where their next location should be. The hill would be perfect for them, come on!

Tim K.: Put me down for real retail on Barracks Row and H St.

Jay: I’m hoping for a Nationals NL pennant (a World Series win would be gravy).

Kate: I long for coffee or a cafe in HillEast. I’d love to see one in that corner space at Potomac and 14th. Those poor condo buyers were totally hoodwinked with the planned pricey sandwich shop that was “coming soon.”

Tim E.:Hoping for a Notre Dame BCS championship, a Redskins Super Bowl win, and a Nationals World Series. If all those things happen, 2013 will be the best year ever.

Jon: I hope for a reopened Crepes on the Corner and maybe one or two other dining options in Hill East.  I also hope for lowered violent crime on the Hill. (By the way, we do have at least good drip coffee in Hill East now.  The Coffee at the Pretzel Bakery is darn good.)

Maria: I hope violent crime goes down.

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  • rod

    Until there is some incentive for retail in our area, to join Homebody and Hills Kitchen we are not going to have any luck. Perhaps Tommy Wells could propose a discounted tax rate for retail in our commercial corridors so that we don’t end up with only restaurants and bars.

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