28 Nov 2012

Yo, 20002-ers, Get Your Rakes Ready!


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At the moment the leaves collecting in our streets, tree boxes, steps, curbs, etc are a wet slushy pulp. But given the temperatures may climb into the 60s this weekend, they’ll dry out and be perfect for raking. What fun!

Well, if you get the job started by raking your leaves into the tree boxes on your street, the kind workers at the Department of Public Works will do all the bending and bagging. And I know you love those deep knee bends. For those on the north side of East Capitol Street, leaves raked by Sunday, December 2 and will be collected between December 3-15. Leaves raked into tree boxes south of East Capitol by December 16 will be picked up between December 17-29.


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  • C_29

    I’m kind of annoyed with the leaf collectors this year. They did a great job with the street, treeboxes, and sidewalks, but that’s because they blew half the leaves into my yard. Somehow they managed to not do that last year!

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