22 Apr 2014

Hill's Eye View: All Eyes on Trash Cans

I’ve heard some Hill residents are making goggly eyes at their large 32 gallon trash cans and 48 gallon¬†recycling cans (not one like one pictured. The new “super cans” are issued by the DC Department of Public Works). The question has come up as to what to do with the old cans. The new trash […]

28 Nov 2012

Yo, 20002-ers, Get Your Rakes Ready!

At the moment the leaves collecting in our streets, tree boxes, steps, curbs, etc are a wet slushy pulp. But given the temperatures may climb into the 60s this weekend, they’ll dry out and be perfect for raking. What fun! Well, if you get the job started by raking your leaves into the tree boxes […]

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