06 Jun 2012

Fun for your Humpday: Celebrating!

Yet another Wednesday upon is, with its infamous “wedgie” placement… but hey! Cheer up you guys! Here is a short list of things to get excited about:


2. The fact that today’s Google Doodle is about the Drive-In theater! Go click on it and then remember: you can have your pick of screens to have a firefly-punctuated, picnicky, we-won’t-tell-anyone-boozy, and just rollickingly good timey romp under the stars watching a favorite movie. Yeah?


3. The new-and-improved Union Market will open on September 8th! They had what sounded like an AMAZING dinner this weekend (and I am not sad I wasn’t invited… no, not one bit…. *tear*), and their sign just looks all kinds of magical and amazing lit up at night. So, YAY!

4. The Sweet Lobby is celebrating a birthday: they are turning ONE this week!!!! What does a fine purveyor of cupcakes and other delightful morsels do to celebrate, you ask? WELL! THEY GIVE AWAY FREE CUPCAKES, THAT’S WHAT! (If you think that’s undeserving of caps, you must be one of those people who also thinks the cupcake “craze” is over. I am actively shaking my head at you). Make sure you LIKE The Sweet Lobby on Facebook and then hie thine behind to 408 8th Street, SE and ENJOY! (Tell them over here at The Hill is Home we still remember our first rose-flavored macaron like it was yesterday… or it actually might be today.)

5. This is off-Hill, but… well, who says that you cannot have local pride as a city? ONE CITY, people! So it is in this spirit that I offer to you one of the most beautiful things I’ve read this week: Drink Local, presented by BeerAdvocate and Meridian Pint, on Saturday June 9th!!!! It’s a pay-as-you-go thing of beauty and BEER, happening on two levels! It’s happening at Meridian Pint, 3400 11th Street NE. If that does not warm your Grinchlike heart, I don’t know what could.

6. Finally, a bit of humblebrag, part two. Eagle-eyed reader IMGoph noticed that the video I shared with you a couple of weeks ago is now private. This is because it’s been accepted as an entry at the NYC Bicycle Film Festival! Read all about it via Washington City Paper!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. And save me a cupcake, okay? xoxo!

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2 responses to “Fun for your Humpday: Celebrating!”

  1. IMGoph says:

    congrats on the video! i never got to watch it while it was online (was too late to that party). oh well, guess i’ll have to wait for the DVD release!

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the well-wishes, and I will see what I can do 😉

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