09 May 2012

Fun For Your Humpday: The Best Things In Life are FREE (Like Frozen Yogurt)

Sunshine, puppies and kittens are up there, too — please don’t think that just because I got to eat a metric ton some samples of Ben and Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt, I’m suddenly forgetting the less-creamy pleasures in life. However, I wanted to bring you all a little of those pleasures, because seeing people smiling, having fun and being happy is kind of my thing. Big thanks to Michael and Terrance and to the rest of the Ben & Jerry’s truck team, for letting me tag along for the day so Capitol Hill could have an awesome treat down by Eastern Market (and for an early treat at SWS Peabody, and at the American Institute of Research and at George Washington University Law School, too). Also, huge thanks to Monkeys’ Uncle and to Groovy DC for coming out to greet us, hanging out, and spreading the Twitter love!

If you would still like to be visited by the goodness that is the Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt truck, get a-Tweetin’ to @BenJerrysTruck as soon as you can: they will be gone from DC this Friday– sniff!

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  • comesthesun

    I cannot figure this promotion out. I never know where the truck will be. The West coast twitter seems to be better at it, so I don’t think it’s just me.

    • I think it’s because some places are not supposed to be disclosed right away, but I know I Tweeted my butt off when we were on the Hill!

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