16 Nov 2011

Fun For Your Humpday: Glaucoma and Munchies Edition

Salad Course

Gracie the Cat enjoys grass and the munchies in one go. Photo by MarĂ­a Helena Carey

Hey there, local interwebbers! It’s no secret that we’re all more than a little enamored by the idea –if not the actual act– of getting high as a kite. No, not the actual act, I know: we know you have to pee into cups for clearance. We know DC has a much higher tolerance for alcohol –even if we rank 37th in the list of Drunkest Cities according to Men’s Health Magazine.

So, okay, pot: according to a post in today’s DCist, a medical marijuana dispensary may open up in Barracks Row. One location considered may even be upstairs from where Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits currently resides –a delicious turn of events for many a conoisseur of fine weed and/or sufferer of glaucoma.

A couple of THIH writers were discussing back and forth with Barracks Row Main Street on Twitter, but I felt this Tweet summed up things well:

Indeed, Barracks Row could be well suited to help the soon-to-develop glaucoma epidemic that is sure to ravage the city, right?

So, what do we all think, really? Leave a comment here or take to the Twitter and join the conversation, folks!



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  • Can we assume that people who are for this dispensary are also tolerant of the drug dealers that roam our neighborhood?

    They’re not calling the cops when they see unknown thug-types on their block, right?

    They’re explaining to their children that pot is ok if something hurts, right?

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