05 May 2010

Voice to Cease Publication

The Voice of the Hill, a much-loved print newspaper dedicated to covering the Capitol Hill neighborhood, is ceasing operations.  This is a huge loss to the community and we wish our friends there the best.

Last month it was announced that their managing editor, Julie Westfall, left for the new Politico local endeavor, TBD.com.

A final post on their website reads:

It is with great regret that the Voice of the Hill must announce the closure of our publication. Covering Capitol Hill’s neighborhoods at the level of excellence that our readers expect and deserve comes at a substantial cost. Due to the recession, advertising dollars from community businesses are not sufficient to support a high quality, home-delivered community newspaper.

We think the Hill is a fabulous place for a community newspaper such as the Voice, and we have cherished our years serving your community. We appreciate that our efforts have been recognized by both area business and civic groups as well as by many individual residents.

The Voice began life as a Web site, soon evolving into a monthly newspaper. Founder Bruce Robey sold the publication to The Current Newspapers in 2006.

We have been happy to participate in Hill activities and donate our time and our newspaper’s space to great causes. We will continue to reach out to the Hill community as we concentrate our efforts on our weekly papers serving the Northwest areas of Washington.

We hope, in the not too distant future, to be able to serve you again.

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3 responses to “Voice to Cease Publication”

  1. Maggie Hall says:

    There is an important name missing from this announcement. That of Stephanie Cavanaugh!
    She was pivitol to the 1999 founding and initial success of The Voice. Not only was she (along with Bruce Robey and his wife Adele) a co-founder – she was , for two and a half years, the editor, Under her stewardship (which I knew well as a regular contributor) The Voice was a true, and very lively, ‘voice’ in our community. It puzzles me that everytime – as now – the beginnings of the paper are mentioned Stephanie’s name never appears.

  2. @Maggie Hall, My apologies for not mentioning Stephanie. Their formal announcement was made late last night and at that hour, I chose to not do a full profile on the history of the Voice — and the many people who contributed to its success — because I did not want to leave anyone, or any detail, out.

    I felt that it was more important to share the announcement than to rush a proper tribute to the paper, Bruce, Stephanie, and the rest of the founders and staff.

  3. Maggie Hall says:

    Thanks for that, Claudia. Also have to say (and should have said it initially): always a sad day when a paper folds.

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