09 Jan

Dear President Obama: Can We Talk About Your License Plate?

Whether or not you believe that DC should be granted statehood, I think that there is a case for raising awareness that the more than half-a-million residents of the Nation’s Capital pay more federal taxes every year per person, yet they lack voting representation in Congress. Heck, we don’t even get a final say on […]

14 Apr

6 Questions with John Klenert

I know this feature is usually called “5 Questions” but I couldn’t choose one to cut out. On Monday evening, John Klenert was arrested with 40 others (including Mayor Vincent Gray and Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells) for protesting on Constitution Avenue in response to the Congressional Budget Compromise. John is a long time activist […]

12 Apr

Reader Poll: Do you want DC statehood?

As you may or may not have heard, our councilmember, Mayor and several others were arrested yesterday for civil disobedience during a protest over a federal spending plan.  The issue: the Federal Government can basically override any decision DC makes about how to spend its own money.  We could argue over abortion and school vouchers, […]

12 Apr

Civil Disobedience on the Hill

The act of sitting down is so commonplace, it is relatively meaningless. But here is some footage (courtesy of TBD.com) that, if you are a District resident and have felt frustrated by the federal intrusion in our District life, will make you rethink the meaning of sitting down while standing up for us all: Giving […]