09 Jan 2019

Volunteering & Giving:

More Furlough Specials Around the Neighborhood

Yesterday, we told you about Music on the Hill’s gift to those of you who are furloughed: Free music lessons! You can read more about that here– lessons started today! We’ve also shared a citywide link from our friend, Barred in DC, about ongoing furlough specials. A few businesses have sent us special deals they […]

02 Jan 2019


It May Be Day 12 of the Shutdown, But DC is OPEN (and Clean)

We are on day 12 of the government shutdown. To our neighbors who are on furlough, we send our condolences and hope this matter is solved quickly. However, according to Politico, it looks like this shutdown is tied for sixth longest in history and it’s not clear what will happen when the 116th Congress convenes […]

18 Jan 2018

Local Politics:

Shutdown Incoming? Read This

It wouldn’t be a typical day in DC without some crazy announcement or another. Thursday’s news cycle has been taken by storm with Amazon’s official announcement that DC, northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland, are all part of the “short” list of cities for their second headquarters. Overshadowed by this news is the fact that […]

23 Jan 2016

Capitol Hill:

Found Capitol Hill: Snow!

Capitol Hill shut down again, leaving its residents to frolic in the snow. Below, some pictures from the first two days of the snowstorm some call…Snowzilla:

07 Oct 2013

Lost Capitol Hill: The Shutdown of 1980

The shutdown currently keeping us out of our local parks and giving many of our neighbors unpaid vacations is hardly a new phenomenon. Most people can point to the shutdown of 95/96 as a precursor. However, 15 years before that, a similar battle had ensued, with some – minor – effects on governmental operation.

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