08 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Christ Church, Redux

As per my usual habit, today’s piece is a rerun. Christ Church, located today 620 G Street, SE, was built in 1807 and consecrated in 1809, is the oldest church in Washington DC. It was not, however, the first building used by this congregation. That honor goes to a small wooden structure located nearby. Christ […]

27 Sep 2018


To Do: Weekend of September 27th -30th

Fall has officially arrived! No matter whatever the temperature actually is, there will be pumpkins and hay bales everywhere until we decide to hang the mistletoe. How shall we autumn this weekend? Tonight, journalist Bill Press who is frequently seen at the Hill Center interviewing big shots will be the star of the show as […]

24 Sep 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Louis A. Cornish

I was recently asked about the house at 312 Independence Avenue SE. Apparently, it has been shown on tours as having been built by slaves. While it is likely that any number of the pre-Civil War buildings were built, at least partially, with slave labor, the evidence for this is spotty, so having one building […]

17 Sep 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Congressional Cemetery in 1830

Over the last couple of weeks, I have looked at the sections of an 1830 guidebook that covered Capitol Hill. In spite of its length, there is really only one more short excerpt and a few snippets to look at: those pertaining to Congressional Cemetery and the churches of Capitol Hill. The section on the […]

10 Sep 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard in 1830

Two weeks ago, I looked into the Jonathan Elliott guide to Washington, published in 1830. Today, I want to look at its description of a place near to my heart: The Washington Navy Yard. Elliott’s guide spends about 7 pages describing the Navy Yard, beginning with the usual explanations of its history, its size, the brick […]

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