06 Feb 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Ebenezer Church

I wrote recently about Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, and the modern church that replaced it on Seward Square. Today I want to look at one of its predecessors – the original Ebenezer Church on 4th Street, between South Carolina Avenue and G Street SE. Methodism first took root on Capitol Hill in 1802. After nine years and a […]

02 Feb 2017


To Do: Weekend of February 2nd – 5th

It's A Special Groundhog Day Edition!

30 Jan 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: George Brainard Todd, MD

Continuing on with my fascination with Hill connections to the Lincoln assassination, I recently came across what is essentially a footnote to a previous article on the Booth autopsy. It turns out that one of the surgeons assisting in the autopsy had a much closer connection to the assassination than I would have expected. He was […]

26 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Anacostia Library

In researching the taverns of the Navy Yard neighborhood, I stumbled across something I really was not expecting: There once was a library to go along with all the other amenities in the area. Sadly, documentation of this is thin on the ground, but today we will look at the library and some of the men […]

19 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Taverns of the Navy Yard

Taverns had an important function in the 18th Century, not just as a place to eat  and drink, but where one could collect one’s mail or have a stolen coat returned. A reporter working under the name “Correspondent at Washington” wrote that they were a place to “drink Toddy, and play cards” in an article in The […]

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