13 Jan 2015


Have a School Auction Coming Up? Tell us!

It’s almost auction season for schools around the Hill. Auctions are a great way to party with current and future parents, as well as a chance to get great items. Most Hill businesses donate all manner of great goodies, so it pays to attend one of these many soirees. Watch this space for information, tickets, […]

18 Sep 2012

Drop Some Diapers; Save Some Cash

It’s time for the  DC Diaper Bank’s Annual Capitol Hill Diaper Drive again, and local merchants are providing enticing incentives for you to stop by with a pack of Huggies. Or Luvs or Pampers or whichever expensive paper bum cover is your preference. Metro Mutts, ShawaFel and the Playseum, will express their gratitude for your donation with […]

30 Dec 2011

Give a Little Love — and Your Tax Bill will Thank You

The presents are unwrapped and the trash bin has been emptied. You might have even hit the stores for your exchanges and returns. And now your mind turns to the fun that awaits in 2012. And on the list of worries, the Visa bill is second only to the impending tax bill that might just […]

22 Sep 2011

Please Bring Food on This Bus

Planning on picking up some groceries at Eastern Market on Saturday? The fall apple harvest is in and there are probably even pumpkins for sale already; it’s got to be time to put on a sweater soon, right? Add an extra item to your grocery bag and drop it off at the bus. Yes, I […]

07 Sep 2011

Drop by with Diapers, Please

Last spring Nichole introduced us to the DC Diaper Bank, and lo and behold, people in need still need diapers. This weekend kicks off another diaper drive to support the area’s only diaper bank, founded right here on Capitol Hill by Corinne Cannon. In the last year, the organization gave away more than 50,000 diapers […]

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