09 May 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The USS Barry

It has come time to say goodbye to an old Capitol Hill resident: The DS Barry. Originally the USS Barry,  the ship was brought to the Washington Navy Yard in 1983 and had its prefix changed to Display Ship – DS. Built in Bath, Maine, she was the third ship destroyer named after Commodore John Barry […]

28 Apr 2016


Fine Lines Paint Jam SATURDAY!

One of my favorite things about living in a city is the vibrant murals and street art: The bright colors that bring happiness and attention to even the most neglected parts of the city; the walls that become conversation pieces or landmarks on their own; the transformative power of seeing something powerful, beautiful, joyful or just […]

14 Apr 2016


TOMORROW: Tax Day Protest and March for Equality!

Hey, it’s April 14: Have you paid your taxes yet? Do you resent having to pay your taxes if you’re a DC resident? Are you frustrated by the fact that the District of Columbia has a higher (and growing) population than many states, yet we do not get full representation in Congress? Are you tired […]

29 Jul 2015


Summertime Crime, Nighttime Action

Lately, it feels inescapable, more so than other years: everywhere you turn, there is a friend or acquaintance whose car windows were bashed in or who had a package stolen. Someone you know was mugged. Someone you know was stabbed randomly. Is crime really that much worse this summer than all others? Well, yes, and no. According […]

04 Jun 2015


Weekend East City Event Round Up: Dream Big Edition

Thursday, June 4  Washington Project for the Arts – 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. WPA announces the opening of One More Thing by DC based artist Tang. This exhibition examines his travels from rural to urban settings. His work shows the process of transitioning back to city life after spending time in rural areas. For […]

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