14 May 2020

Volunteering & Giving:

Flutterize your home for a good cause

Over on Instagram, I started seeing local artist and Capitol Hill resident Christine Vineyard’s takes on local façades back in early April. It was her take on Austin Graff‘s photo of Capital Fringe– its bold, orange THIS IS NOT NORMAL, set against the royal blue– that caught my eye most. I liked Austin’s photo very […]

12 May 2020


Hill Buzz

For me, life has become time measured by Hill Buzzes (Hills Buzz?). That’s usually an indicator that a week has elapsed, maybe, but time is so oddly plastic these days. I recently binged GLOW and I now have vivid glitter and spandex dreams and regularly practice my 80s power rock stance. I’ve gotten pretty good […]

11 May 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: Newlyweds in the Capitol

Today, we finally get to the section in Mary Clemmer’s book on Washington that I‘ve been aiming for quite some time. It is part of the chapter on the Capitol I quoted last week, and begins with a paean to Washington in spring and an invitation “to the western front of the Capitol, to stand […]

08 May 2020


#SocialDistancing and Mother’s Day…?

Every year, I wait until the last possible minute to put something together for Mother’s Day. I am a mother and I live with my mother, but unless we somehow coordinate with one another to figure out what to do, no one else in this house is going to take the initiative. Look, it’s a […]

06 May 2020


Hill Buzz

I’m not going to lie: Some weeks are not easy in The Hill is Home land. Between trying to homeschool, trying to make money on the side (by the way, I am doing online tarot readings for those of you who may be interested so hit me up on Instagram), trying to grocery shop without […]

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