22 Aug 2019


To Do: Weekend of August 22nd-25th

DCPS kids start school on Monday, so this is their final weekend. Some charters started this week and most private schools follow the King’s Dominion law and start after Labor Day, which is how it should be. This will be my final year as a DCPS parent and it has not really sunk in. It […]

21 Aug 2019


Withholding information protects the predators: Ask Deputy Mayor Paul Kihn to release data

Earlier this summer, 58 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) and State Board of Education (SBOE) representatives representing all wards in the city sent a letter to Mayor Bowser requesting information about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment in DC schools. We did so because of the sexual abuse that occurred at Capitol Hill Montessori, the latest in […]

19 Aug 2019

Street Justice: DC’s 16th Road Death in 2019

Gordon Chaffin is a freelance journalist who focuses on infrastructure and traffic news and insights for Street Justice. You can support independent journalism by subscribing to Gordon’s Street Justice newsletter: He’s offering a 20% discount to THIH readers. See more information below. –Maria Helena Carey Pedestrian Dead Wednesday is 16th of 2019 in DC A driver killed Jascha Wilson, a pedestrian walking across North Capitol NW at 9:50 PM on Tuesday night. He was crossing North Capitol in […]

19 Aug 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: What Hath God Wrought?

At 8:45 AM on Friday, May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse sat down at a telegraph key set up in the Supreme Court room in the Capitol, just around the corner from where he had done his test just a little over a year earlier. He pressed the key briefly. Forty-four miles away, a dot appeared […]

16 Aug 2019

Things We Take For Granted:

Officer Maz, Barracks Row Cop and Friend

Since April of this year, a local Instagrammer has been capturing our hearts with his feed. From the moment he started his account, Officer Jay Mazloom or as he likes to be called, Officer Maz, has been engaging and befriending the community around Barracks Row in a kind, courteous and human manner. In the past […]

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