29 Apr 2021


The Problem With Hains Point

Rudi Riet, @randomduck on Twitter, is a bike and micromobility advocate and DC resident. After the tragic events of Saturday, April 24, Rudi answered questions and offered his views on how a shared park space could be better, aided by many of us who are active on Twitter and felt much anger and frustration after […]

29 Apr 2021

To Do:

The To Do List: Week of April 29, 2021

Other than poring over photos of William and Kate on the occasion of their 10th anniversary, what can we do this weekend? On Friday, celebrate International Jazz Day with a rooftop concert! The Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation is having a special fundraising concert at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Kenny Peagler will present a tribute to […]

29 Apr 2021
28 Apr 2021


Hill Buzz

It’s a gorgeous Wednesday in the Nation’s capital and our eyes turn to the United States Capitol, where President Biden will be holding his first address to the country, flanked by two women. It’s a historic day, to be sure, but it comes with increased security, obviously. Friend of the blog Mark Sussman noticed it […]

26 Apr 2021


Lost Capitol Hill: A Trial fit for a King

Last week, we looked at the attempt by Richard Lawrence to assassinate President Andrew Jackson in 1835. We had left Jackson unscathed. Lawrence remanded to prison, and was there examined by two doctors, who found him to answer their questions in an “artless and unreserved manner.” The examination was reported on in detail by the […]

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