11 Jan 2021


Lost Capitol Hill: An Airship over an Inauguration

[I often will write my articles well in advance, whenever I have time, so this article was written before the events of January 6. It goes out to those, like me, who take refuge in the past, while hoping for a better future] Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by dint of his four elections, managed a number […]

07 Jan 2021


Operation Stable Door Closure

I’m sure that people are interested in what is happening at the Capitol given the events of yesterday afternoon. I went out with my camera to document the – admittedly unsurprising – changes.

06 Jan 2021


The Capitol, not long ago

Usually, in these pictures, I try to give a sense of what’s going on right now. My history posts are about the past. But these pictures, only about 2 hours old, represent the past. A past where anti-democratic, conspiracy theory-spouting goons had not yet breached the Capitol and attempted to impose their will on the […]

05 Jan 2021


On Handle-19 and better uses of public moneys

Have you been keeping up with the Handle-19 story? Back in February of 2020, Sportshandle profiled Shane August, the “regular guy” who is opening the sports book at 319 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. After several months of activity that include a neighbor petition to deny the sportsbook a liquor license and which has crescendoed into having […]

04 Jan 2021


Lost Capitol Hill: Inaugurations on the East Portico

Andrew Jackson would be the first to be sworn in on the East Portico of the Capitol. He was also the first that could have been, as the Capitol was not completed until 1826. While no contemporary picture of this event exists, there is a painting of Chief Justice John Marshall administering the oath of […]

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