19 Nov 2019


Hill Buzz

We still have over a week to go until we take a break, but if we’re all being honest with ourselves, November is seriously dragging. Yesterday, I had breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, snack and then dinner– and absolutely no excuse for eating that much. Better check what’s going on. Speaking of snacks, Thrillist collated […]

18 Nov 2019


Street Justice: Scooters are Bad Like Cars Were/Are Bad

Gordon Chaffin is a freelance journalist who focuses on infrastructure and traffic news and insights for Street Justice. You can support independent journalism by subscribing to Gordon’s newsletter. He’s offering a 20% discount to THIH readers.  –Maria Helena Carey Lime Deploys Their 3.0 E-Scooter Today, Lime deployed to DC its third version electric scooter. I tested the 3.0 model 10 months ago at Transportation Camp DC. You can read my review for free, but here are […]

18 Nov 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Ninth Street East

A few weeks ago (and, I’m sure multiple times in the past) I referred to a street as “F street north,” which of course makes no sense in the current street numbering scheme. I thought it might be wise to have a quick explainer as to how houses used to be referred to and how […]

14 Nov 2019

Volunteering & Giving:

Support Independent Storytelling and a Capitol Hill (former) Kid!

A few Hill Buzzes ago, I mentioned an interview about director of photography Alex Yellen, and how he’d grown up on Capitol Hill. Alex and his wife Kelli saw the mention and they reached out to me because they wanted to share their upcoming project, called Daruma. I chatted with Alex about what’s changed and […]

14 Nov 2019


To Do: Weekend of November 14th – 17th

I hope you all got your winter gear out of the attic/basement/off-site storage facility in time for this crazy cold snap. Global warming is exhausting. How will you spend this chilly weekend? Tonight, Wisdom opens up bottles of Gin Mare for their monthly Gin Tasting. Gin lovers will enjoy three different cocktails featuring this Mediterranean […]

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