22 Aug 2017

Hill Buzz: Still on Vacay

Hey everyone! Claudia is still on the road, after enjoying the eclipse along the PATH OF TOTALITY. Hill Buzz will be back next week with all the Capitol Hill news you’ve come to expect and love. See you next week! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #thehillishome  

21 Aug 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Charles R. Pickford

I have spent the last two weeks talking about Pickford Place, and one of the Pickford brothers who gave it its name. Today, we will look at the other Pickford brother, and his sad demise. Charles R. Pickford was, like his brother, born in Canada, and later moved to the United States, eventually settling in […]

14 Aug 2017

Things We Take For Granted:

Shhhh! We’re Vacationing!

We are *gasp* taking actual vacations! Crazy, right? But with a week left before school starts, and adventures calling, we are going to turn off our phones for a few days to soak in some of the great outdoors with our family and friends. We’ll be back to it next week! In the meantime, we […]

14 Aug 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Thomas H. Pickford

Last week, I wrote about Pickford Place, and the some of its history. Today and next week, I will look at its namesakes: two builders who were not unimportant in filling the Hill in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Thomas H. Pickford was born in Canada to Irish-Canadian parents. He was one of nine children. […]

13 Aug 2017


Living On The Hill: Who’s Responsible for Your Local Park?

Various government agencies and other organizations take care of the many parks and public green spaces on Capitol Hill. This can make it very confusing to know who to call for what and when. Don't worry: We have you covered!

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