27 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022

Hill Buzz

Sending you warm hellos from my blanket and pillow fort. What’s going on? Yesterday was just a bit bananas when the Top Banana in Chief decided to do a little shopping for his boo and his bestie at Honey Made, and then went to get himself a little ice cream. We have the rundown of […]

25 Jan 2022

Barracks Row:

Yes, POTUS really came down to hang out on the Hill

A 40-something degree day means getting away with a lighter coat and perhaps indulging in a cold treat. This is exactly what the President of the United States must have had in mind when he and his security detail dropped by the 500 and 700 blocks of 8th Street SE this afternoon, at around 2 […]

25 Jan 2022


A peek at the newest hotel on the Hill

Last week, we got the news that the newest hotel on the Hill, the very lengthily named AC Hotel Washington DC Capitol Hill Navy Yard would be opening on February 3 of this year. (This is a date subject to change, due to supply chain issues.) The hotel is part of the Marriott chain, under […]

24 Jan 2022


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard in 1806

Last week, we looked at visitor Charles William Janson’s rather dour view of Washington D.C. in 1806. Continuing on in this vein, we look today at one part of the city which he has some positive words to say about. Well, one positive word. Which is also misspelled: The only part of this city which […]

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