17 Nov 2020


Hill Buzz

Another week, another dismal statistic: We are in a worse place today than we were back in April. So prepare for a COVID-19 edition of the Hill Buzz. Yesterday, the Mayor held a status update, where she shared the latest statistics and concerns on the coronavirus in our region. You can see the official statistics […]

16 Nov 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: The Carroll Arms Hotel

I was asked about this hotel a few months ago, but then became sidetracked with other questions. I wanted to return to it, for reasons that I trust will be obvious over the next few weeks. Operating a hotel near the Capitol has always been a no-brainer. The people coming to D.C. for the express […]

15 Nov 2020


Thanksgiving 2020 on the Hill (and off)

Thanksgiving is usually a time for family, heated political discussions, football and shopping. While it is true that many of us will be staying put at home more than in other years, the Thanksgiving menu and caloric excess is one way to give the kickoff to the holiday season more of a feel of normalcy. […]

12 Nov 2020


To Do From Home, Weekend of November 12, 2020

Friends, I had optimistically removed the “from home” in our To Do List because I guess I wanted to believe that we weren’t doing as poorly as it turns out we’re doing (The Hill). Maryland is tightening their own dining restrictions in several counties (Eater). If our local government won’t enforce more serious restrictions, it […]

10 Nov 2020


Hill Buzz

We survived a week that felt like a year, everyone! Give yourselves a round of applause! Do you remember the Ward 6 Happy Hour that was happening earlier in the pandemic? Many of you have continued the tradition in your blocks, which is the kind of thing we love about this neighborhood. For those of […]

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