12 Aug 2019


Street Justice: Prince George’s Sets Lackluster Road Safety Goal

Gordon Chaffinis a freelance journalist who focuses on infrastructure and traffic news and insights for Street Justice. You can support independent journalism by subscribing to Gordon’s Street Justice newsletter: He’s offering a 20% discount to THIH readers. See more information below. –Maria Helena Carey Prince George’s Sets Lackadaisical Road Safety Goal Last Month, Prince George’s County debuted its own Vision Zero initiative with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities in the County. Until now, Prince George’s County […]

12 Aug 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Telegraphing the Capitol

In early 1843, Samuel Morse had been given $30,000 to put his experiments in long-distance communication into practical use. His idea was to connect two cities in the United States with his wires, and allow messages to travel back and forth instantaneously. And what better pair than Washington D.C. and Baltimore? Separated by only some […]

08 Aug 2019


To Do: Weekend of August 8th-11th

I’m sure you are reading this on your phone while you are waiting for your flight/fruity drink/ferry to some car-free island. This town is empty and so are the calendars. Even the Nats are out of town this weekend! Here’s a few things that might interest you if you’re sticking around: Tonight: B I N G […]

08 Aug 2019

Volunteering & Giving:

Help Capitol Hill Village and make new friends

By Liz Festa, THIH contributor and Capitol Hill Village volunteer Many of our older Hill-area neighbors have trod, sashayed or picked their way over cobblestone, rubble, marshes, dance floors and asphalt, but now their pace has slowed and their steps are harder won.  Although they’ve taken so many steps, a senior living here would like […]

07 Aug 2019


Limestone of Lost Legacies Mural will be unveiled Friday 8/9

It’s no secret that gun violence hits Wards 7 and 8 hardest in our city, and that your District’s youth has been hit hard. Although we live with the constant reminder that DC can be a violent city, when we don’t put a name to the face of loss, it’s easy to live in denial. […]

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