17 Dec 2020


To Do From Home, week of December 17, 2020

Hey! It’s Christmas Eve a week from today– are you ready? If you don’t feel ready, please remember our beloved local retailers. From scarves and mittens to belts, bags, home decor, athletic clothing, jewelry, candles, kitchenware and more, you know you can count on our local retailers to help you find something for the people […]

10 Dec 2020


To Do From Home, Week of December 10, 2020

For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, I wish you love, light and endless oil in the form of latkes. Despite my friend Liz calling me a shiksa (though my DNA says I am 2% Jewish), I really love Hanukkah: The story, the candles, the chocolate, the idea of eight days’ worth of small presents– […]

19 Nov 2020


To Do From ??, Week of November 19, 2020

Hey everyone, and happy World Toilet Day— appropriately, where we find ourselves as we start moving toward the end of November. Over 250,000 Americans have died of COVID (NBC News), but I still keep hearing people making Thanksgiving plans. Yes, I’m a nag: Wear your mask. Stay home. Support local restaurants if you want them […]

12 Nov 2020


To Do From Home, Weekend of November 12, 2020

Friends, I had optimistically removed the “from home” in our To Do List because I guess I wanted to believe that we weren’t doing as poorly as it turns out we’re doing (The Hill). Maryland is tightening their own dining restrictions in several counties (Eater). If our local government won’t enforce more serious restrictions, it […]

05 Nov 2020


To Do: Weekend of November 5, 2020

Are you feeling wiped out, drained of energy, restless and cranky? You’re not alone. It’s been what some would call, “a hard week” and what others would call “a shitshow.” Do pardon my naughty word, but there is nothing more that can approximate the weirdness of waiting for these election results. So what can we […]

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