28 Mar 2019


Spring Cleaning is for Water Pipes, too

If you’re wondering why your tap water tastes a little funny, it’s because starting Monday, DC Water switched from chloramine to chlorine in order to clean the drinking water supply. Here are some tips from DC Water on how to deal with that: From March 25 to May 6, the Washington Aqueduct will change the […]

01 Feb 2019


Want to Make Sure Metro Stays Open Late? Sign the Petition

Metro currently closes at 11:30 p.m. on weekends and 1 a.m. on weekends. The Metro board would like to keep operating under this limited schedule, as these cutbacks –part of SafeTrack since the summer of 2016– have allowed Metro to do much-needed maintenance. Mayor Bowser would like to see Metro go back to its late schedule. […]

12 Jan 2019


Vote for Your Favorite Place Under 40 in this Beautiful List

Our friends over at the National Trust for Historic Preservation want you to vote for your favorite American places that have been established less than 40 years ago. Take some time to click through this gorgeous collection of monuments, museums, buildings, plazas, parks, memorials and…. rows of antennas (?), and remember that this beautiful country […]

19 Dec 2018


Nominate Your Favorite Restaurant for a RAMMY Award, Starting Today!

Help celebrate the best in the District's food and drink by nominating your favorite member restaurants to the 2019 RAMMYs.

01 Nov 2018


DDOT wants Residents to Weigh in on Dockless Bike Regulations

Have you noticed there are fewer of the free-roaming dockless bikes in the neighborhood? A ‘bike gone rogue,’ painted a subtle white, was even removed from my alley. In July two bike share companies pulled out of the city, citing the new regulations that require dockless bikes be locked to signs or bike racks. Weren’t […]

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