08 Mar 2021

Building community:

Come out to the Capitol Fence on 3/13 #OurDC

Hey neighbors! This is David from @eat_dc and Maria from THIH. Let’s talk about the fence for a moment. The four miles of barbed wire fence around the Capitol complex have cut off our access to open spaces and essential roads through the city. These are areas where we play, relax, walk our dogs, enjoy […]

04 Mar 2021

Building community:

March 22: Line the Capitol Fence for DC Statehood!

Do you want to bring awareness of the Statehood fight while also bringing awareness of just how annoying the Capitol fence is? Friend of the blog Andria Thomas sent this my way on behalf of Show Up For DC. Pencil in a week from today, Thursday, March 22. Read below and SHARE FAR AND WIDE! […]

16 Apr 2020

Building community:

OurStreets Supplies is here to make shopping slightly less stressful

Long-time readers may know about the app that started off as How’s My Driving DC and became OurStreets. OurStreets is a crowdsourced app that lets you report bad driver behavior on the go, so that DC agencies can ticket and boot repeat offenders faster and get dangerous cars off the streets. When the stay at […]

15 Mar 2020

Building community:

#SocialDistancing: The Coronavirus is here and you need to stay home

Dear friends and readers, We are sailing uncharted waters at this point. In our lifetime, we have seen modern medicine make strides unimaginable: Making life beyond incurable disease possible, making childhood diseases that immobilized or killed children before they were old enough a thing of the past. But along with these advances, our global village […]

29 Oct 2019

Building community:

MOTH Moves

As a moderator of Moms on the Hill since the early aughts, I have been fielding snark about Yahoo Groups for quite a while. It’s mostly well-deserved snark, I would say. Yahoo has inexplicably made their product worse for many years, stripping it of any usable functionality. I was even part of a story about […]

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