29 May 2024


Mini Voting Guide

It’s that time of year, and it’s already started. Since May 26, you’ve been able to cast your ballot early in one of our handsome voting boxes–– which are absolutely not the same as the boxes where you could drop off your COVID test some years ago. But if you’re here, you have no idea how to vote, or maybe just need a little push. Here’s a short and sweet guide from me to you. Good luck with that.

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First things first, the District of Columbia has a closed primary. This means that only registered members of the party are allowed to pick a candidate. This may change if Initiative 83, which seeks to introduce ranked voting and allow for open primaries in DC makes it onto a ballot. Learn more at Make All Votes Count DC.

Need to check your status, register or just bask in the glow of one of the best-run agencies in the District? Start at the Board of Elections website. They can help you with all that, plus they have a voter guide. Also, you can follow results on there on Primary Day (June 4).

Read about Ward 7 and 8 candidates via the Hill Rag and the Washington Post.

If you would rather read up on the candidates on your own, you can visit their websites below (I’ve helpfully linked directly to an issues page or approximation). Listed in random order,

Ward 7

It’s worth noting that outgoing Ward 7 councilmember Vince Gray endorsed Wendell Felder earlier in the month. (Washington Post)

Ward 8

The Washington Post endorsed Rahman Branch as their pick. You can read their picks here. However, it’s worth noting that the Post endorses Lisa Gore over incumbent Janeese Lewis George, who, unlike White, has been a highly effective Councilmember, so take their endorsements with a grain of salt.


There is also an At-Large challenge: Robert White, the incumbent, faces Rodney “Red” Grant. Here, we are comfortable bucking our trend and endorsing Robert White, as he’s been an excellent At-Large councilmember.

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