07 Mar 2024


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There has certainly been a lot of buzz about the recall lately, hasn’t there? Last week, I shared photos of Recall Allen campaign signs on Twitter/X and the response was surprising: Some of you thought taking pictures of signs that are out in the common space was somehow illegal. It’s not. Some of you felt that taking pictures of signs and sharing them was somehow targeting people. It’s not: the people who placed signs outside their home were the ones making a statement with a sign that is easily visible by anyone walking down the street. I don’t condone harassment of people for stating their opinion and am a big fan of the First Amendment, which is why it’s ridiculous that people would attempt to steal signs from others’ houses. Why would you do that? Have the past few years so eroded our civility that we feel it’s fair game to steal signs AND to harass people who are documenting those signs? They are the same kind of weird censorship in two different ways.

Anyway, here are some things you may find interesting this week.

The Secure DC Omnibus bill was approved by the Council of the District of Columbia on Tuesday, with over 100 amendments to make it… well, it depends on whom you ask. Some people say that the amendments put rubber teeth on an urgently-needed bill due to the crime increase during 2023. Others say that the amendments don’t do enough to curb a bill that could negatively affect the people of DC. More context from the Washington Examiner, The Washington Post, The Hill and DC Justice Lab.

And is the recall news if the New York Times doesn’t weigh in? Oh, of course not. But it is peculiar how they insist on using “councilman/woman” instead of our preferred “councilmember” usage here in DC. Then again, the pull away from “wokeness” is also a thing. You may also like to read additional context from Washingtonian.

ICYMI, the Sierra Club is one of many groups vocally opposing the recall. Sierra Club

For those of you with children in DCPS, you should be aware that there are some funding issues coming to a school near you ––budgets increased by 12% last year, but costs have gone up 22%–– and many schools may lose staff. You can read DCPS’s Chancellor’s letter here and you can take a look at budget information on this spreadsheet here. 

Also, consider signing a petition directed at Mayor Bowser to commit to fully funding schools. The link is here.

And speaking of schools, The Washington Post covers the Maury-Miner integration debacle. As usual, DCPS shines for their lack of forthright communication and arbitrary thinking (mid-year merging? In this economy? [literally]) at the heart of this delicate issue.

On Monday, Mitchell Cooper, 63, set fire to his apartment inside the Arthur Capper Senior Apartments building and he was arrested. He had recently received a notice that he was behind on his rent. WJLA-7

And Victor Scott Terrill, 40, was arrested for shooting a DC Housing Authority officer at the Carroll Apartments, 400 M Street SE. FOX-5

Sticky Fingers on H Street may be gone, but you can still hold a piece of them close to your heart: they are auctioning off everything this Saturday. Everything, from furniture to batched cocktails, must go! PoPville

News from ANC 6B and 6C from the Hill Rag. Bathrooms at Eastern Market Metro Plaza? Yes, please! Although we may see those before we ever see the hands sculpture that was supposed to be up before the bunnies were. And the “storm windows” at the World Mission Society of God look a lot more like privacy coverings from where we’re standing, but we like the vim with which ANC 6C declares them “an abomination.” Very keeping with the church theme.

And over in Navy Yard, Jeni’s joins Lululemon in closing their doors (PoPville). A direct competition from local favorite Ice Cream Jubilee and a quieter block may have brought about the store’s demise (though La Famosa and Emmy’s appear to be doing just fine), but it also appears that Navy Yard may be in trouble, girl. Context via Forbes.

By the way, the Ramsey Aquatic Center will be closed March 9-18 for maintenance repairs. Plan accordingly!

Finally, today is the State of the Union Address. Won’t be sharing a drinking game this year because, frankly, the state of our union is sobering at best. But you probably want to know which roads will be closed today, so here you go, from the Capitol Police.

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