15 Nov 2023


Hill Buzz

Gorgeous capture by @annabmartin via Instagram. Use our hashtag #thehillishome for a chance to be featured!

This weekend, we celebrated 150 years of a wonderful landmark and gathering place (THIH, WTOP), and we said farewell to a stalwart of the community, former Capitol Hill Books owner and forever curmudgeon Morton “Jim” Toole (DCist). We really loved Washingtonian’s sendoff, because if there was one unifying thread in the Jim experience is that if you walked in and he was working, he was bound to say *something* at you. Washingtonian

There was a big pro-Israel rally yesterday and thank goodness, all was peaceful and without incident. A big thank you to Capitol Police and MPD for keeping things going smoothly. NBC News

The DC Youth Jail is overcrowded and its prisoners are not safe. (DCist) Mayor Bowser has responded to this crisis–– slowly, sure, but she is kinda sorta doing it. Maybe it’s because the DC Youth Rehabilitation Services agency was recently threatened with contempt. Washington Post
However, there is a disturbing amount of people in the cesspool that is X who think that children deserve nothing but punishment, without stopping to ask themselves what makes children commit crimes. Frankly, friends, we have been cutting back our time on X. Please make sure you follow us on Instagram and BlueSky.

Crimes like carjacking rideshare drivers, among others. FOX

The framed photos of products at the H Street CVS is part absurdist, part just plain sad. And it seems it’s also caught national attention. FOX Business

Apropos of nothing, it’s always sad when national publications have yet to learn that CapitOl is the building, while CapitAl is the city. But we digress.

A house with bamboos wall with wool insulation? Groundbreaking for real. Learn more about BLDUS. Hill Rag

The new taller faregates are at Capitol South (WUSA-9) and at Union Station. I watched a man attempt to exit the system once someone paid for their fare– that is, waiting for the person to enter and then exiting before the doors closed again–– but he was unsuccessful. We’ll see how dramatic some of the fare evasion gets with these new gates.

Happy 10th birthday to Osteria Morini! Eater DC

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