03 Oct 2023


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REMINDER! Walk and Roll to School Day is tomorrow, starting at 7:45 a.m. at Lincoln Park! More info here.

We welcome you back with open arms, first fake summer of the fall season! What are you bringing our way?

In one word, craziness.

Screen Capture via Reddit

First, a bit of wackiness, via DC’s Reddit. It appears someone is guilty of high crimes against wisteria in the 300 block of South Carolina Avenue SE. As many commenters point out, wisterias are highly invasive and also tough to kill, so we expect the plant will be making a recovery. At the same time, if someone has been painstakingly training a vine for 20 years and someone else comes along and maims it, well, that’s really awful either. Tipsters are asked to email landscaping.karens.gone.wild@gmail.com

We woke up this morning to reports that Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar was carjacked at gunpoint last night. He was unharmed and his car has been found. AP

And at around the same time, there was a shooting near The Point in Southwest, at the southernmost tip of Buzzard Point, just past Audi Field. Three people were shot. NBC-4

And earlier this evening, gunfire near Barracks Row, less than three blocks from the MPD First District substation. Alan Henney on Twitter/X

Meanwhile, The Washington Post found out that Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration has received just under 300 sexual harassment complaints since her anti-harassment order was enacted in 2017, but some of the judgment calls seem iffy at best– for instance, if someone says they are going to “explode in my mouth,” I’m fairly sure they do not have dental fillings in mind.

The Hill Rag‘s Elizabeth O’Gorek looks into why teens (and tweens) carjack. Spoiler alert: Kids look for cheap thrills and, contrary to what ghoulish reply guys might want to believe, they are not inherently evil–– just unthinking.

On September 24, Blake Bozeman was killed inside a hookah lounge on H Street NE. A friend the family has started a GoFundMe to help out his grieving wife and the three children he left behind. You can donate here.

WCP’s Loose Lips takes a meticulous look inside the growing financial straits within WMATA, as well as the growing leadership problem–– will DC need to continue leading the way toward possibly unpopular solutions (i.e. taxes)?

Speaking of unpopular things, without enforcement, we can’t have nice things, DDOT! The District Department of Transportation will continue issuing only warnings and not (well-deserved) $200 tickets to people who block bus lanes. What’s the point? WaPo

Swing spaces are places that temporarily house a school while renovations take place. The Hill Rag examines Amidon-Bowen’s proposed swing space which is, puzzlingly, in Columbia Heights. Really? Columbia Heights? From personal experience, my kids’ schools swing spaces have ranged between one and two miles from the original location (and that’s still quite far). This is a solvable problem, DCPS.

I was recently quoted by Washingtonian on whether it’s “in” or “on” Capitol Hill (obviously, ON), and Robert wrote with a little more context on the subject. THIH

The LA Times pays homage to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who died of natural causes on Friday, aged 90.

The AutoZone development recently went before the DC Zoning Board. Urban Turf

Hiraya is open and looks delicious. Washingtonian

A recent ceremony marked the opening of the Capitol Hill Healthcare Center, part of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The new center is located at 650 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Washington Blade

And, Hail no! The Commanders don’t belong back at RFK, no matter what the Mayor wishes. Think of the Anacostia, if you won’t think about the Kingman Park neighbors, who will be the most affected. WaPo

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