27 Sep 2023


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Hey! Spooky Season is just around the corner and our Spooky Hill is Home map will make a comeback! Are you decorating your home? Want to be featured in our map? If so, fill out this form! Thanks!

@hmbien captures one of the favorite spooky houses around the Hill, 600 block of North Carolina Avenue, SE. Thank you for tagging #thehillishome!

Fall started with a lot of rain and a definite drop in temps. Are the mosquitoes dead? Oh heck, no–– just look at them coming out today. But it is harder to bite people who are more covered up, so we’re going to put that in the win category. What else has been happening?

Neighbor Virginia Poe sends a picture of a pop-up bar at Union Station. Thanks, Virginia!

Let’s start with something fun: neighbor Virginia sends the following tip: “Pop Up Bar opened in Union Station. Open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday!” So hey, why not swing by? Thanks Virginia!

In yet another fatal shooting on H Street NE, a beloved family man and former Morgan State basketball player was killed at Cru Hookah Lounge in the early hours of Sunday, September 24. How did an armed man get in past the bouncer at the door? WTOP
(Btw, the chief of police thinks the same way. WaPo)
The NBC-4 report also takes a look at what’s been happening on H Street in terms of stunted development and lack of foot traffic. My two cents’ worth? It’s been very hard for H Street to compete with newer and glossier developments such as Navy Yard and the Wharf, for one. But also, the street has always had a rogue element to it. But it’s been years since so many nights ended in tragedy.

But in slightly better H Street NE news, a serial package thief has been apprehended. WUSA-9

Apropos of nothing, a neighbor on nexdoor shares an article via FOX affiliate, about a postal worker who is accused of stealing $1.7M in checks from the mail over a period of 18 months. The neighbor cheekily adds, “But, we are all so worried about porch pirates! SMH!”
We can, and should, worry about both.

And in even better news, The Hoya, Georgetown University’s student newspaper, had a great article about the H Street Festival. Glad to see students taking an active role in getting to know and appreciating different parts of town that are not just their immediate campus.

Many of you, our readers, are employed by the Federal government and, as such, you probably don’t need a primer on what a government shutdown means to you. If you are unsure of what it means, this article by PBS is a very good place to start. By the way, friend of the blog and incredible human being Allison McGill wants to make sure that if you’re directly affected by the shutdown, you can still count on a meal. If you want to receive a meal, or if you want to lend a hand to the effort, email Govshutdown2023@gmail.com to get involved. Recently, IG account Dear White Staffers shared a video on who will suffer most with the shutdown. Take a look here.

Another 99-year lease for the RFK site seems like a sure thing for DC (DCist). And while that huge tract of land seems destined to become a football stadium, is that the best use for the land? After all, RFK is about 190 acres and abuts residential areas and delicate wetlands. A multipurpose center like SoFi stadium is roughly twice that size, at almost 300 acres.

An interesting, if at times puzzling, opinion piece on The Hill by historian Richard Steiner wants to empower DC residents (good) and keep the ANC engaged (good) by asking Congress to step in (!!!) to modify Home Rule (?!!??) and to make sure that DC’s landscape continues to be skyscraper-free (…) by stopping most development from going through (…?). In a city with a housing shortage, this could be dangerous. Then again, Mr. Striner does call Mayor Bowser a tyrant, so this man is into bold statements.

And just to underscore the housing problem, here’s a WaPo story on a budget “clerical error” that misplaced city funds destined to help build 65 affordable units.

A far more straightforward opinion from Colbert I. King takes a look at upcoming legislation from Brooke Pinto, dubbed the “Secure DC Plan,” that aims to reform and rebuild the District’s judicial system (this sounds familiar). In a trim and visceral opinion that is worth your time to read, he reminds us that DC has had to fight for autonomy from the Federal government over and over again. Being effective at solving crime has been a long-standing District problem.

Duke the dog was on his way to reunite with his pawrents when his dogsitter was carjacked in Prince Georges county. Duke was abducted and he is still missing. There is a county police $2500 reward for tips, which you can submit to 1-866-411-8477 (TIPS) or online here, using case number 23-0056347. The family is offering $2000 reward, no questions asked. Call 202-922-7035. Hill Rag

Getting a rebate for your e-Bike is soon to be a reality. And hey, this rebate includes cargo e-Bikes, so you can haul your groceries more speedily. Washington Post

Last week on the Hill (you know, that other Hill), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky came to visit Congress, but Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) didn’t have time to meet him. We’re guessing he’s having a few tough weeks in Washington. ABC affiliate
There were also adoptable doggies visiting during pet week. Have a little Aww. Spectrum News

Looks like zip 20002 is still flipping homes and profiting. Urban Turf

Y’ALL: Maman is coming to Navy Yard and thank goodness it’s a mile walk from me, because I am eating everything. PoPville

Want to own a piece of H Street Country Club (R.I.P.)? The liquidation sale starts this Friday, September 29. Check it out here.

Finally, an obituary for Joe Shymanski, with information on where you can donate to his kids’ fund. Legacy.com

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