20 Sep 2023


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Someone is crackers about cheese(heads). Photo by Maria Helena Carey via our hashtag #thehillishome

Happy Wednesday! What’s going on? Are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage? If you want a quick way to appreciate a spunky Latinx in your life, donate to THIH’s Venmo!

The ongoing talk about bands of dogs and their owners hunting rats in DC alleyways was restarted thanks to a recent Washington Post article about the practice around Northwest. What do we think? On the one hand, it’s not the rats’ fault humans are disgusting. On the other hand, this is a more human practice than poisoning them and letting them slowly die.

Do you love the bus? Do you want to develop better routes and route names to make the bus easier to use? Do you want to help build a better Metrobus experience? WMATA wants your feedback. Learn more about Better Bus and take the survey here.

Speaking of the bus, the September ANC 6B meeting brought out a lot of emotions as discussion of the 8th Street SE Bus Priority Project went underway. (Hill Rag) To learn more about this project, visit the 8th Street SE Bus Priority Project DDOT page here.

But really– DDOT keeps creating some excellent, well thought-out projects to make the city move more smoothly, and yet there is little to no enforcement to make sure that lanes work the way they ought.

In excellent environmental news, the Northeast Boundary tunnel opened this week. It’s cold comfort for the families who lost their beloved dogs at District Dogs about a month ago, but hopefully this tunnel will help with flooding in that area and sewage spill into the Anacostia river. Every bit helps. (DCist) This means that Splash 2023, the Anacostia swim day at Kingman Island which was originally scheduled for July 8 but was rescheduled for this Saturday, September 23, will happen with a lot more peace of mind for all participants.

This past September 16 marked 10 years since the Washington Navy Yard was paralyzed by a lone gunman. He killed 12 people and shut down the neighborhood for well over 12 hours. A ceremony on Friday the 15 marked the somber anniversary. (WTOP, WUSA-9) President Biden issued a proclamation commemorating the day (White House).

The Commanders may be kicking butt and taking names (and we’re
l o v i n g it, but bringing a stadium that would compete with the 80k seat + behemoths being built to an area that could barely hold a 45k seat stadium remains a big #HAILNO in our book. WUSA-9

And it is crucially important that the District of Columbia have ownership of the land where RFK stadium sits (just, please, no football stadium). Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has DC’s back, as always.

More murals and color in NoMa and you love to see it. Washington Post

Is it a safe house or is it a safe home? Check this link out from Urban Turf and decide for yourself.

Axios takes a look at the truly craptastic offerings that are commanding way too much money around the area. We see your H Street carriage hole and we raise you…. a patch of grass behind East Capitol Street. It’s cute that the article passes on “helpful tips” for sellers, but if someone has a rat-infested hole in the wall that they think is worth more than many starter homes, there is a much larger problem afoot.

A PARKing Day round-up that will make you go yay. American Society of Landscape Architects blog

Love them or ––if we’re going by social media crime reply guys–– absolutely abhor them, the members of the Council of the District of Columbia are back in session. DCist has a handy list of the biggest issues to be discussed this fall.

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