18 May 2023


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We’re really doing this thing where the post used to appear on Tuesdays and then we slid into Wednesdays and now here we are on a Thursday, trying to pretend it’s still mid-week. Anyway, here are the links!

The haze from Canadian forest fires has been producing some very eerie sunrises and some jaw-dropping sunsets. Photo by @themadamemeow on Instagram.

The senate voted to reject DC’s police reform bill. Washington Post

Hey, do you even know what is in the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022? Why not spend some time perusing it here.

Mayor Bowser introduced “Safer, Stronger DC.” The Washington Informer offered a recap, with a poignant quote from Kevin Condray, a Northeast neighbor and returning citizen who remarked that many of the criminal offenders in the District tend to be young, poor and uneducated,

“They don’t have [any] idea of what’s going on. I guarantee none of them can read at the fifth grade level,” he added. “Young people get provoked to do bad things when they go to jail. If they can learn how to read and write, they wouldn’t be focused on this. They’re doing it out of low self-esteem.” 

And what Mr. Condray says is haunting when you contrast it with the 17-year old assailant in the case of Commanders’ RB Brian Robinson, who was remanded and in the care of his father awaiting trial when he decided to cut off his ankle monitor and absconded. He was later arrested while in possession of promethazine, a powerful antihistamine and an ingredient used to make Lean. (WaPo)

Despite a rash of violence (broken windows, burglarized buildings, gunshots, etc.), restaurants on H Street NE are standing firm. (WTOP)
However, many businesses feel “targeted” and like H Street Main Street is not doing enough in terms of providing leadership. (DC News Now)
Do yourself a favor and support our businesses along the H Street corridor. We have world-class food and entertainment along this corridor, so get out and enjoy it. Order takeout; buy books, grab a drink with friends; buy pie and catch a show. Just please don’t abandon H Street.

A young girl was shot on Mother’s Day in Ward 7, near Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. She and her family were victims of yet another senseless act of violence. (WJLA) The girl’s grandmother works at a daycare on the Hill and the parents have set up a GoFundMe to help with hospital costs for the young patient. You can find out more information and donate here.

Charles Allen also addressed crime in his Ward 6 update from Saturday. You can find it under the “public safety “heading in his newsletter. He and his team also discussed the delay of his initiative, Metro for DC, to make buses free, as well as a quick overview of what FY24’s budget will mean for Ward 6: a fully funded renovation of Rumsey aquatic center and more music at Eastern Market Metro park.

Meanwhile, a report from George Washington University found that it would be much better for the District if the National Park Service, whose mission is focused more on conservation, would turn over park lands to the District for caretaking. (DCist/WAMU)
Listen, our local government is far from perfect, but at least you know you can tag DPW or DPR on Twitter and an actual human replies. Plus, just look at the difference between a DPR-maintained park like Garfield Park, which is bustling with activity and has facilities people want in a park, and one like Lincoln Park. Despite its location in the heart of the neighborhood, the only thing that ever happens at Lincoln Park is the ill-fated reseeding of the central quadrangle.

Frankly, while we understand where a comment like this might come from, what DC needs is more autonomy, not less:

Washington Business Journal explores the potential sites for a new or refurbished Commanders stadium, now that Dan Snyder has agreed to sell the team. The first option is still RFK stadium, but the biggest problem is that the land is tied up with NPS (so, ha, ha, see previous story), and the footprint is still small. No real mention of the environmental impact to the Anacostia River, but we’ll let it slide. The other potential sites in order of appeal are Loudoun, Landover and Prince William County. So what are fans supposed to do– ride Amtrak to go see the games? Bananas.

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